Yu Bo Sichuan Style Banquet Dinner (Impressions added to certain courses)

It’s a LA Food Bowl popup event and it’s $197 all in.

Yu Bo’s currently looking to open a place but I do have doubts as to whether he’ll able to attract a consistent following in the US.

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@moonboy403 forgot to mention all of the fancy knife work was done with a fucking meat cleaver, which makes it even more impressive.


He didn’t use a meat cleaver for the hedgehog, he used a scissor! #whatabum #jk

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Ugh, I hope it’s not true. Fuck the overpriced unskilled modernized hipster Asian shit opening up of late. I want more of these grand masta joints. US is in serious need of stepping up the Chinese food scene to catch up with what’s going on in Asia. Enough glorifying hipster and hole-in-the-wall joints.


Great pics! Didn’t realize that was you with the nice camera during the dinner, but it all makes sense now.

Since @moonboy403 took such good pics of the food already, here’s what else I ate that night, since I walked out still hungry:

Karaage chicken at Anzu. Not very good to be honest.

Still my fave cream puff at Beard Papas:

Also had some bread pudding, but ate it before I took a picture.

Cool experience overall… the people around me seemed to enjoy the meal. I really hope that he’s able to run a successful restaurant (hopefully on the West side). I think there are a ton of challenges to running a profitable high end Chinese restaurant in LA though, and he’s still got a lot to figure out. Nobody else has cracked that nut just yet.


If every near Lomita or Torrance go to Patisserie Chantilly. It’s like I never knew what a real cream puff was until 6 months ago.


$200 all in and a bunch of people left hungry. That’s just wrong


I felt satiated much like I did at Hayato where I had 3 bowls of rice at the end. But I was hungry a few hours later though.

If any of were wondering Porky & Moon look like, there you go!

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Was there ever any doubt?

Oh I didn’t realize that’s what we were doing. Here’s another picture from a much better angle. Shows the face properly. :lying_face:


Careful now :shushing_face:

Lol, now I really want to hang with youz people. :joy:


I’m not sure if LA is ready for this concept, but I think San Francisco would be. After all, we have Eight Tables thriving, charging over $300 per person, which also serves chateau cuisine but the quality is miles off and frankly some of the dishes are overly Americanized (though maybe thats why its popular?)…Yu Bo is considered the master of chateau cuisine.

I visited Yu’s Family Kitchen in Chengdu before he moved. Food was very similar to pictured. An awesome experience, though I agree it’s not for everyone. Yu Zhi Lan was also very good.

No way I think he’ll come to LA or won’t come to the US at all.

In terms of ingredient sourcing and community he has better connections here, there are several food industry people who have an active interest in helping him settle here which probably isn’t as strong as in any other city. Also I believe his daughter was going to school here so that also would be a strong reason to stay here for familiarity.

As far as whether diners here will get it? Compared to Hayato I was a bit worried that diners wouldn’t catch on to what he was doing because his cooking can be quite subtle and the price tag and location were a bit of a challenge for somebody with no reputation but in less than a year he’s earned himself a strong following.

Yu Bo has several advantages being that he has a good following in both Chinese and English social media, there’s a huge high-income Chinese population here, he has a headstart with local chef endorsements which I feel makes a difference.

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I had a looong discussion with Chef Yu after the dinner. Chef Johnny is right. It’s LA or nothing. The sheer size of Chinese diaspora here in SoCal is a powerful draw, even if SF may be a more of a “fine dine”-y city (sorry NoCal).

The problem for Chef Yu is where to open his brick-and-mortar in the LA region.

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He’s definitely doing it in LA, I know that. He’s already moved everything here. I wish him good luck, I’ll definitely be visiting when I come down.