Yu Chun neung myun in OC

Called to confirm with the LA branch.
Yu Chun is moving into the empty froyo place in the H-Mart and Kang Ho Dong Baekjong plaza on Beach Blvd and Malvern in Buena Park.
They don’t know when they are moving in but sign on the window says Yu Chun has leased this space.
Hopefully they move in before the summer.

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there’s a been a collection of korean run restaurants along that stretch of the 91 between the 5 & 605 for god knows how long so this makes sense.

they makes some of the best cold noodles in k-town. i like their DIY hot broth option.

Interesting never had the DIY hot broth option.

OC definitely needed a good cold neung myun place. Now only if you could take it to go and eat it with some galbi and pork at KHD.

they’ve got this container in back and you get your own cup of hot broth to take back to your table.

Have your tried the versions at Eight Buena Park or Mo Ran Gak? Both really good. I probably have a slight presence for the version at Eight.



I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had neung myun anywhere in the OC. Been to Eight 3-4 times and enjoyed our meals. I recently read on a different FTC thread that the best meat at Eight is actually the hanjuksal and not the pork belly. Next time I go we’ll have to try two new dishes at Eight - hanjuksal and neung myun.

The fatty brisket and the pork jowl :wink:

i hope you don’t mean moving… but expanding? because that’s my jam

Yes expanding. Not moving.

The neung myun at Eight was excellent. Also very well priced. It’s the only bowl that I’ve had recently that was under $10. Very good flavor to the broth and righteously cold without any ice floating in the broth which was nice.

Pork was excellent. The flower pork, pork jowl and thinly sliced pork belly were all very flavorful with a great meat/fat ratio. The meat really shined. The only pork we didn’t love was the marinated pork steak thing. It wasn’t terrible but certainly not up to par with the other 3 porks that come in the combo.


Went to Mo Ran Gak for lunch on Sunday at 11:30 and there was already a wait of about 6-7 tables. They do a very brisk church business.

Agreed on your take. We enjoyed the Eight version better - MRG was a bit sweet for us but we liked the $4.95 small version for the kids. The ban chan at MRG was better. The naengmyun at Eight was better. The pork at Eight was far superior but we liked the marinated beef at MRG. Both are good options in the OC.

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Yu Chun is open. It’s a fast casual concept where you order at the counter and they give you a buzzer. The neung myun was good but everything seemed to be on the expensive side. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the menu. They have several other options like galbi + neung myun combo, a variety of dumplings, bibimbap in sizzling stone pots, ddukbooki and a few other items. Most everything is $10+. They provide 2-3 types of banchan depending on what you order - napa cabbage kim chee, radish kim chee and vinegar seaweed.

We ordered galbi + neang myun combo, fried dumplings and ddukbooki. The total bill came out to $47. It’s expensive for what I would say is a little elevated food court style fare. The neung myun itself was good but these noodles are much chewier than you’d normally get and I did not appreciate the big dollop of gochujang on top of the noodles as this is not very traditional. Threw off my vinegar and mustard sauce spiced broth. Not sure we are coming back here based on QPR and relative cost to other Korean options in the area.

Does this Yu Chun in Buena Park has help yourself hot broth like Ktown?

I did not see the help yourself broth here but forgot to ask as well. The next time I go to the plaza I will take a picture of the menu and confirm whether they have the broth.