Yumeya Zushi

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@PorkyBelly I’m coming back to do some QA on this next month. It’s fascinating to see all this ingredients showing up in one dinner.

@burritoking I figured someone should report this since we don’t have any insight besides those IG screenshots :sweat_smile: Hopefully it helps.


some pics from last year


how was the keiji salmon?

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@PorkyBelly probably the bestest line caught Keji I’ve had in a long time, buttery smooth, light and delicate taste. Chef let the beautiful natural flavor shine, Shunji San and Yuko San approved :slight_smile:

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Just went for dinner last night.


  • Gari is incredible. He has a yuzu pickled daikon and then his ginger with gogi berries. Best I’ve had in LA.
  • His shari work is really good. As good as anyone
  • Very well done cuts of fish, fish to rice ratio was excellent. Cuts were well prepped.
  • Ultra premium ingredients - sourcing the very best of everything. Line caught deep see Akoudai, Japanese abalone, Yamayuki tuna. Absolutely floored by the Yamayuki Akami.
  • Best abalone prep I’ve had


  • Still no wine allowed
  • Could have used a couple more pieces of sushi. Total was 16 courses including tamago with 6 cooked dishes and 8 pieces of sushi and to end a rice donabe and then tomago.
  • Some of the cooked dishes needed more seasoning. Tasted a bit plain.


Wow what is the beautiful pink-hatted shumai looking dish?

bluefin spinal jelly

Is it dm for reservations?

what was the damage ($)?

you pay for a party of 6 whether or not you have 1 or 6 people. He will serve six servings of everything. So we took turns having the extra dish. I called dibs on the abalone real quick lol.

The base omakase was $1560 for 6 people. Then you can add on supplements. We added on the crab and the abalone


Dm is best i think.

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I heard that he is no longer accepting new customers. Anyone know how to get a reservation here?

DM the chef on instagram directly

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Tried and no reply. I hope I hadn’t annoyed him.

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I have been trying for a long time to get a spot in Yumeya Sushi but it’s only by returning customers only. I wonder if anyone by any chance has two spots open and is willing to hook me up?

Thanks in advanced.