Zellerbach and environs this weekend

Hi there, I’m taking a weekend trip up to Berkeley to see Taylor Mac at Zellerbach, and will be staying in that immediate vicinity.

For this trip, I’m interested in keeping my car parked as much as possible and trying to hit up the better coffee/sandwich/dinner places that I can reach within a reasonable walk.
Of my party of two: I’m allergic to shellfish, and the other avoids dairy, loves eggs, and isn’t a big meat eater.
I know I’ll definitely be purchasing coffee for myself, and actively dislike Starbucks. I prefer a hot, black drip.

I’ll report back regardless of advice.

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my coffee roastery on mlk is pretty decent

ain’t normal also has good coffee, but the service is oftentimes atrocious - almost to the level of parody. but across the street from it are market hall, good gourmet grocery with cooked food, and starter bakery, which makes a good babka

fish & bird

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Thank you! In my small FTC noodlings, I also saw East Bay Spice as a good option for a late lunch or dinner.

The immediate area of Zellerbach is Telegraph Avenue, a student ghetto, lots of cheap food but not much what I would call destination dining. Chengdu Style is very good un-Americanized Sichuan. Kiraku is an excellent and justly popular / crowded izakaya. Top Dog has good hot dogs and other sausage sandwiches.

Good restaurants within walking distance (search for reviews, most have been reviewed here):

  • Agrodolce: Sicilian
  • Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen
  • Comal: upscale excellent Mexican
  • East Bay Spice Company - Indian, cocktails
  • Easterly - Chinese, not Americanized, atypical menu
  • Fish and Bird: Japanese and izakaya
  • Great China: excellent Cantonese / Korean-Chiinese with great wine list
  • Ippuku: excellent charcoal-grill izakaya with insane shochu selection
  • Jupiter: beer bar with good selection and good pizza
  • La Note: breakfast / brunch
  • Lucia’s: Neapolitan-style pizza place, great appetizers, 3 of 4 owners are Italian
  • Revival: farm-to-table with a good cocktail bar
  • Rose Pizzeria: Cal-Italian pizza and more
  • Triple Rock: brewpub with good burgers, chili, nachos, etc.
  • Via del Corso: Italian trattoria

This is terrific! Thank you for the details and the time, I really appreciate it.

That’s Rockridge, in Oakland, about two miles from UC. If you want to schlep that far, College Ave. is a nice walk.

Philz Coffee is along that route. They specialize in drip coffee. Nearby is Wood Tavern, which makes a great albeit eccentric pastrami sandwich, and La Farine, an excellent Frenchy bakery.

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@cjla where did you end up?

On the way up we stopped at an Indian truck stop over by Bakersfield. Good not great, however, I’d really like to stop at more if I take more road trips.

The first night in Berkeley we made a user area, with me liking a good wander around the area, and not making up my mind as to where to stop for dinner. Then, I realized the basketball game had gotten out, and most of the restaurants had 60 minute wait. It’s been a long time since I spent any time in a campus town, and while that area of Berkeley has empty storefronts, the area is very lively, lots of places to walk adn see. It’s very different feeling from Westwood.

We met a relative in Walnut Creek in Rossmoor for lunch. Not great, but serviceable and in the gated community.

Finally, for Sunday night dinner, we ate at East Bay Spice adn really enjoyed it! It’s a small space, dimly lit with significant cocktail menu. We enjoyed our samosas, papadum, and fried chicken sandwich.