Zingerman's has Ortiz tuna marked WAY down - two days only

Last time they had it like this I bought a case so I’m good for a couple of years. But y’all should get some of this. I could eat it straight from the can.

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It’s on sale again. This really is the best tuna I’ve ever eaten. Straight out of the can. Or some red onion, capers, cilantro, s&p, good oo and a tiny bit of champagne vinegar.

And on sale again!!! I have plenty so won’t be ordering.


You definitely have me intrigued. It looks like Cost Plus has it at a good price too.


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Wow! That’s a great price. I wonder if they have it in their stores so not shipping $. It really is awfully good.

Here’s my fave thing to do with it.

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Okay, my husband LOVES Pan Bagnat, we’ve only gotten it out of the house. Would be cool to make it at home.

Now I need to hit the cost plus near us to see if they have that tuna!

I leave out the artichoke hearts and green beans as it’s already pretty messy to eat :slight_smile:

That makes sense. We had a sandwich like that in Boston and it was tuna, olives, red onions, a little lemon - and I think that’s it. We could not eat it fast enough!

Will try to recreate it this weekend : )