Zozo's Ristorante - Reno

We’ve been coming here for a few years and enjoy it so much. It’s very old school Italian and we have our faves. Bob used to always get the linguine in white clam sauce, declaring it one of the best. But for the last year or so he’s been getting the calamari caesar. It’s just loaded with perfectly cooked rings and tentacles.

I get the fried polenta with Italian sausage, (lots of) garlic, tomatoes, pine nuts and basil. I can’t convince myself to get anything else :slight_smile:

You get your choice of a little house salad or minnestrone and I got the salad for years, generally having been disappointed in minnestrone. Theirs is fantastic. Chock full of vegetables and the stock is wonderful.

A couple of times we shared one of our faves and each got a cup of soup. A perfect meal. Great service, family owned. Highly recommend.


As good as always. Bob got the calamari steak which is so good. I got my usual (see above :))