A different take on Howlin Rays by Frank Shyong

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Thanks, friend! I was too lazy to gmfight through the paywall.
Great read!


Really like this article, and think Shyong is dang near a must-read with his insight into different parts of the city.

I think LA Times overall has been noticeably better since the new ownership came in. For me, it’s worth the couple bucks a week it costs to subscribe.


tbh, Frank and gustavo’s food writing is arguably better than their staff food writers.

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i’m told you get the digi for free with a library card but haven’t figured out how.

Yes, i think i want to sub as well

They are both really great.

Speaking of the new ownership it took me a little while to figure out that the woman and her son sitting next to me at the Yu Bo dinner were non-other than the Publisher’s wife and son.


Yeah, you can access the LA Times (and NY Times and Washington Post as well as various archives) with an LA Public Library login here. Unfortunately you’re viewing it through a third party so 1) you have to search for the specific article you’re looking for and 2) the formatting and images are a little wacky but it’s better than nothing.

One thing nice about this resource is that you can then sort or narrow to specific parameters (like author of the article).


What a helpful Monkey! Thanks and welcome to the posting populace.

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Thanks for the welcome! I’ve been lurking for a while pulling really useful recommendations from everyone so it finally seemed like an opportunity to kick in


Welcome! Time to put those precious eating reports of yours on the board!


Thanks so much, and Welcome to FTC!

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If you search for articles with Chrome on an Android device, it’ll route you to AMP, which I think ignores the three-free-articles-a-month limit.

I phoned the Times to complain about the web-only subscription being too expensive for an out-of-towner like me, and they cut my payment to two cents a week.

That’s great info re online! I really like the Seattle Times but run through my limit super quickly. I’ll give that a try. Thanks, Robert.