A Month in Venice - recs?

I’m thrilled to be able to spend over a month in Venice, and have my few favorite restaurants (I LOVE Locanda Montin). If you had all this time to eat your way through Venice, where would you go?

Am going to Bologna and Ravenna, also. Recs there?

Day trip to the Colli Eugani to get stracotto d’asino.

Which month?

Oh no, that I wouldn’t eat. Am there mid April to end of May.

Watching this thread. I’ll also be in Venice in May (but not for a month, lucky you!).

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I hate you all

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From my last trip to Venice in 2013:
Il Ridotto - fixed menu, excellent. Seating inside only. A bit formal. Most people there appeared to be well to do Italian or European visitors. Few blocks behind Basilica St. Marco.
Osteria Di Santa Marina - http://osteriadisantamarina.com/
My favorite, nice outside seating too, Nearly all patrons are Italians, did not see many tourist types. informal atmosphere. somewhat modern interpretations. Service was a bit slow but really got much better as the evening went on and we have made friends with the staff. They were a bit surprised how fast and how thoroughly we ate everything.

Trattoria All’Antica Mola

A few that were just ok, but I would not go back:

Al Covo - good quality food but boring and somewhat oriented towards well to do English speaking tourists.
Osteria alle Testiere - locals only. Simple seafood


Been in Venice (and Nice) a couple weeks now, some recs for @BradFord .

I highly recommend Al Vecio Marangon, in Dorsoduro. Tiny little place, reservations required, the best lasagna of my life, light and multilayered with bolognese and peas.

Locanda Antica Montin is another favorite, also Dorsoduro, love their green peppercorn steak.

Oddly, had a wonderful meal in a hotel that we ran into to get out of the pouring rain - La Terrazza, it’s in the Hotel Bonvecchiati. Superb service and the only place I’ve found that has salads (craving them), they make a great caesar but also incredible soups (again, it’s raining and very cold, soup was ideal)!


Thank you, @yogachik. I appreciate the recs. Just looking for good, honest food; no Michelin/San Pellegrino darlings. FTC, I will report back in June when I’m 10 lbs heavier.

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Those aren’t Michelin recs that I gave, they’re small trattorias, with good, homemade food and inexpensive (everything here is - pasta average is 14Euro), except the hotel restaurant. Don’t miss Al Vecio Managon, make a point of going there, we’ve eaten there 3 times already and it’s always excellent. The Polpette is out of this world

Have fun!

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Exactly what I’m looking for


beam, thank you for recommending L’Osteria di Santa Marina. This is my new favorite in Venice.

It is located in a laid-back and rustic square in Castello. We had dinner at an outside table. Looked like the customers at other tables were mostly locals. The staff was very friendly and witty. Food was traditional but with an interesting twist. I loved the pretty presentation, too.

The brioche buns were hot and melt-in-your-mouth good. Must have!

Amuse-bouche was two bites of mini arancini, fried with Panko breadcrumbs. One of them was a surprise Parmigiano cheese ball with squid ink. Yummy!

I started with scallop carpaccio with foie gras which was fabulous.

My husband started with eggplant Parmigiano. It was a decomposed and recomposed traditional eggplant parm. With a hint of smoky-ness, it was a fantastic dish.

My main was Linguine with crab sauce and my husband had fillet of beef, brown stock, and mushrooms. They were more traditionally prepared and both were excellent.

Petit fours - my favorite was a pistachio mouse with goji berries.

Next time in Venice, we’ll definitely come back.

How timely - headed to Venice this week for the month, again. Thanks for this rec, the brioche looks divine.

Great! We just left Venice this morning and arrived in Rome. We already miss that magical place.

I also found another good little place (rec by another contributor on FTC) - Al Bacco. The other thread has a couple of pics!

Al Bacco

In Rome, don’t miss Emma.

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Thanks, robert. We heard so much about Emma on FTC, so we checked it out. We loved their pizza.


I am so glad you enjoyed and 8 years after my last visit this place still rocks! Scallop carpaccio with foe gras was spectacular back then too!

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