Academy Awards snacks

Do you gather for the Academy Awards? What do you like to snack on during the presentation? One restaurant I know used to have an annual Academy Awards party with food & drink throughout the proceedings. It would always sell out. The owning couple were both actors…

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I’m in the industry and honestly? I stopped watching the awards years ago. The academy has been hopelessly out of touch with audiences (and many filmmakers) for years. While I appreciate them trying to improve their membership population, the ceremonies themselves have become unbearable. They were always about self congratulation, but in the past seeing so much celebrity all at once was a novelty in itself. Now we swim in a sea of gossip 24/7. There’s nothing new or exciting about seeing these folks. The jokes aren’t funny, the speeches are dull and 3 hours of it is nothing anyone needs to sit through.

If I had to watch the ceremony in full for some reason, there’s have to be some decent weed just to keep things interesting, and a ‘constant grazing’ style setup. Charcuterie, crackers/sliced baguettes, various cheeses, etc. minimal prep, folks can eat as much or as little as they choose. Sorbets in the freezer for those wanting something sweet towards the end.

Mostly, though, I’d rather watch some of the better movies themselves rather than spend 3 hours watching dull speeches and bad jokes.

Also, Titane should have gotten a nom for best foreign language film. The academy are cowards. But that’s not news.


The entertainment delivery industry has changed exponentially faster than our historic response to the Awards. Add in the Covid lifestyle adaptations and we live in a different era from the Big Night parties. Still relevant in a campy way but not worth most of us worrying about snacks or even staying up.

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My sister enjoys awards shows. She watches it at my house and we just have simple snacks. Charcuterie, a big pot of soup or chili…easy things to put together that anyone can grab and stroll back to the couch.
Like @lectroid, I’m much disillusioned with the state of the shows now…for an industry that touts themselves as progressive, safe choices often get nominated and win.
It’s much more fun to just watch the actual art rather than the awards show. But I don’t mind an evening with my sister with food and drinks.

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Agree with most of what you folks are saying, though we still enjoy the glittering unreality of it. The movies have always been a source of pleasure and entertainment. Personally, I have not been in a movie theater for over 2 years. The real world we live in is another story. Aside from the ongoing debates and politics of it all, the Oscars do put us into never never land for a few hours.
Might go low brow this year and have some easy pickings, pigs in the blanket, good mustard, a few brews…


Our friends rented out a whole theatre to watch Batman. It was great but we’ve also been reluctant to go to the theatre. We went to see Dune but we wore our masks for the majority of the movie and it was not very crowded. It’s a shame because some movies have to be seen on the big screen.

We usually tape the Oscars and try to breeze through it a few hours after it starts so we can fast forward.


Come on, give it up now. Any members of FTC invited to the Governor’s Ball? Taste Chef Puck’s food? Any predictions?

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Seems like we got more than we bargained for, no matter what we were snacking on…

I wasn’t waching. Did I miss something?

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Drive my car won best international film. Other than that… No big news

Puck’s right hand man Chef Yahagi oversaw the catering. From what I heard from friends who enjoyed it, his food slapped exceeded expectations.

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I thought Chef Yahagi no longer works at Spago, is he still working for Puck elsewhere?

Afaik he consults independently on a variety of projects as well as at WP properties globally.