Agnes - Pasadena

I was a bit hesitant to try this new restaurant from bay area veteran and evan funke doppelganger, thomas kalb–because pasadena. but thanks to @chewchow I gave it a shot.

cornbread eclair - chicken liver mousse & cherries on top
this was a stunner of an opener and a nominee for bite of the year. the corn bread with its crisp edges, light and slightly sweet crumb was a perfect complement for the smooth, creamy liver. and the cherries on top were the cherry on top.


shrimp & coconut grits - tomato bisque, sweet pepper jelly, pickled peppers, cilantro
another highlight. the crispy coconut grits patty that the perfectly cooked shrimp were sitting on was a brilliant play on shrimp and grits and coconut shrimp.


loaded baked potato ravioli with all the fixins: crispy bacon, broccoli relish, prairie breeze cheddar, chives, crème fraiche
another fun interpretation of a classic. really rich and tasty dish, you’ll definitely need the broccoli relish and creme fraiche to cut through the fat. this actually had too much bacon for me and got too salty if you weren’t careful.




bbq’d beef cheeks grilled and lacquered in signature sauce with swissed carrots
protein in a bowl. the cheek was tender but a bit boring and salty after the opening courses.



s’mores cocoa taco - dark chocolate, graham cracker pizzelle, peanuts
this reminded of pizzeria mozza’s chocolate coppetta with marshmallow sauce and peanuts. a bit too sweet for me.


the space was also very nice and comfortable, reserve a seat inside or on the back patio. the “front porch” is basically a parklet on green st.

overall I was pleasantly surprised after being burned by other pasadena restaurants. I’ll be back to try more of the appetizers, pastas, and soft serve ice cream.

40 W Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105


Yeah the use of the pasta machine is definitely a giveaway that it’s not Evan Funke :joy:.


That looks like Evan funkes 31 year old self lol

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Concur with all of @PorkyBelly ‘s comments. Will post pics of additional dishes and libations on this thread. Especially the cornbread eclair - a stunner.


Meal looks really yum. I’m imagining a poached egg on top of the loaded baked potato ravioli to really gild the salty, bacon-y lily.

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Artisan cheese’s “popularity waxes and wanes”? He’s just making shit up to fill space.

Just stopped by for brunch and had a fantastic meal. Started with Shrimp and (Anson Mills) Grits followed by Braised Bacon Benedict. The grits were terrific and the shrimp were good. The benedict was the best one I’ve had in LA.


Went by for lunch this week. They’ve really improved. Crème brûlée toast was a simple sweet and salty toast that was executed well. Loaded hash browns were awesome. My cousin said his BLT was one of the best he’s eaten. And their charcuterie plate was well thought out.