Alta Nordic Kitchen

Alta is a new Scandinavian restaurant on Melrose from Christer Larsson, the former Aquavit chef in NYC.

Sill & Gubbröra (Herring) - matjes herring fillet, sour cream, chives, egg salad with anchovy, toasted Danish rye
Briny with a subtle sweetness, it’s on the salty side definitely need to eat this with the bread.

Gravlax - marinated wild salmon, coarse mustard sauce, dill, toasted brioche
The salmon was mild, but went well with the honey-mustard sauce and dill.

pilgrimsmusslor - wood-grilled sea scallops, horseradish butter, celeriac puree
Highlight of the night.

fiskgryta - seafood casserole with mussels, halibut, salmon, shrimp, fennel, saffron broth, tomato-garlic toast
Each piece of seafood was perfectly cooked, but the broth was pretty light and mild I didn’t taste much saffron.

Alta Nordic Kitchen


That herring calls to me.

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Stopped in here for brunch last weekend. This place is a really nice addition to LA dining.

The Swedish meatballs, in particular, are awesome if you long for versions with lingonberry jam and cucumbers. Their dinner version is no longer the version with plum and parsnip that seems to be lingering on their menu, but is the brunch version with veal, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, lingonberry jam, and thinly sliced cucumbers. Really quite classic, rustic, and utterly delicious.

Their cinnamon bread at brunch may also be worth going for by itself. Sort of like unfrosted cinnamon rolls, but not lacking in anything for that. A wonderfully crisp crust with moist, savory, cinnamon-infused bread inside.

Their plate of liver, egg salad, gravlax, and herring with cream, served with really intensely grain-y housemade smorbrod is also excellent.

Their skagen may lean a touch light, but it comes with spectacular housemade brioche (I think?) that is crispy, but sweet and airy at the same time.

Their beef and root hash with eggs is also a simple, comfort food type of dish that is easy to enjoy.

Pretty nice ligonberry sangria, too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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I went for burgers w my buddy a couple months ago… got the gravlax too…wasn’t impresssed maybe got the wrong stuff… wasn’t inclined to go back TBH

Doesn’t strike me as the place to be ordering burgers…

The Swedish meatballs alone are worth a visit.

The next nearest place to have that dish is San Francisco at Plaj.

Or perhaps someone can enlightened me as to where else I might get Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam and cucumbers in LA if I am mistaken.


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I’m pretty addicted to all of their toasts, the Skagen and the pate ones in particular. I’ve probably been to Alta at least 6 times since they opened, and the thing that keeps me going back is their toasts.

Ikea has lingonberry jam served alongside their meatballs? For 5.99?

Ingvar Kamprad’s gift to humanity.


Great ones, I mean.

I guess I should’ve specified, hah.

Um, I (along with some Swedish colleagues who know their kottbullar well) happen to think the ones at Ikea ARE great.

The Ikea meatballs taste very much like the ones I enjoyed in the food halls of Stockholm.

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The bread they are making is definitely crave worthy. Unlike anything else I’ve had in LA.

They are going to be doing some crazy holiday board dinners between December 9th and 24th for $45. Three courses. But very corse has like 10 different things on a traditional holiday board.

I think that will be interesting to try out!

:thinking: Alright, guess I was just aiming higher than food hall quality. Sorry. I guess I am being unfairly biased.

But no other restaurants besides IKEA offer the dish right?

Olsons makes very good meatballs, and, yes, they have lingonberry jam or syrup.

It doesn’t appear that way on their menu. It says pickled beets and crispy onions on a brioche bun??

You can get them from the deli counter.

Does anyone recall a few years back, the scandal was that IKEA’s Swedish meat balls were made with horse meat?

I do recall that, haha.

Although supposedly horse meat can be quite tasty…perhaps it is the preferred meat versus veal for the dish?

You mean those lukewarm spongy little things with the glop of “red” flavored jelly and the instant mashed potatoes? Not a fan personally.

Sons of Norway

You can find them on Facebook too. My family used to go to the fall dinner every year and it was GREAT.