Amazing takedown of Bros in Lecce, Italy

Reading this is even more fun than the Guy Fierri pan in the NYT way back when.

It sounds truly horrendous.

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The Michelin blurb gives no sense of the food at all.

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That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing. At least Guy Fieri serves food, just not good food.

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I wonder if that group told them of some dietary restrictions / allergies and the kitchen responded by sometimes (not always) simply leaving out most of the ingredients?

“Another course — a citrus foam — was served in a plaster cast of the chef’s mouth. Absent utensils, we were told to lick it out of the chef’s mouth in a scene that I’m pretty sure was stolen from an eastern European horror film.”


Even so, being asked to tongue-kiss foam out of a cast of the chef’s mouth is just… eugh. I mean, fine. It’s controversial and confrontational “art.”

It can still be BAD art. It can still be metaphorically (if not literally) tasteless art.

That move alone makes the name “Bros” make sense, because only some sort of stereotypical emotionally stunted frat goon would find that anything but icky. “Bro! Check it! I’m gonna make 'em MAKE OUT WITH ME!! It’s funny because suggests non-consentual intimacy!”

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Bros’ (officially ending with an apostrophe) is apparently derived from Pellegrino (pilgrim) Brothers, the parent organization. Who knows what that name suggests to Italians.


Response from the Chef:

From Here:


tl;dr: I’m making ART!

sure, but you still think it’s ‘art’ to make your patrons virtually make out with the chef. (yes, I’m hung on that particular aspect.) Maybe it is, but it’s BAD art.

Also, at this level of ‘art as fine dining’, ignoring patron’s allergy restrictions is simply inexcusable.


Lol at the end Chef says they sold out of “limoniamo” which I think means people are buying up those little mouths in droves

Edit: nvm seems they’re available and on sale. Guess Chef is posturing

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That response from the chef makes me wonder whether they got tired of being a serious restaurant and decided to turn it into a put-on of Michelin tasting-menu nonsense. The third image, which I guess is supposed to represent his cuisine, is hideous.

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Sounds like he wanted to be like pre pandemic Vespertine questioning what is food /art or like John Cage but sure reads like a big fail