Another Romaine recall

“Wrap product,” what an appetizing phrase.

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I normally wouldn’t even post this, but it’s been so hot I’ve been living on doctored-up TJ salads and had a very unpleasant experience a few days ago. So did a friend.

The best part of this is that the sell by date was over two weeks ago. So all these salads and wraps were already consumed or disposed of.

And now all of us have parasites.

Well, my friend who is an oncologist dietician at Hoag was sick enough to go to the ER this week. Fortunately, she only had to take the elevator to the ground floor for treatment.

Acecdotal but we were both sick, she much worse than me.


I’m sorry.

My post wasn’t meant to question your illness, just that all this was made public two weeks after we all would’ve eaten this food.

I would’ve eaten this just to lose some weight.

Hope you both are feeling better.

Thanks and no offense taken. I buy the TJ romaine 3 packs and sometimes they last me at least 10 days.


All of the McDonald’s salads that people have been getting sick from are from the same supplier, Fresh Express.