Any recommendations for Good Eggs?

I tried a few orders from Wise Sons deli through Uber Eats and haven’t been impressed with anything EXCEPT their loaf of rye bread, which was really, really good. (Haven’t been impressed with Wise Sons’ other baked goods, including challah, bagels or rugelach, and the babka is especially terrible).

Anyway, I just noticed I could get Wise Sons’ rye through Good Eggs, which I will do when I run out because I can get a variety of other things from Good Eggs. Any suggestions as to what is good from Good Eggs. Has anyone tried any of the Good Eggs prepared foods or meal kits?

I’ve only tried Good Eggs produce. Once. (due to Covid, didn’t want to go to the farmers’ market then). I was not impressed and will not do it again, found the produce inferior to even my local Pavilions. I’m curious about other offerings, though.


Rancho Gordo beans. Sonoma Brinery whole kosher pickles. Tourangelle nut oils. Bob’s Red Mill and King Arthur stuff. Scout tinned seafood. La Quercia pancetta and prosciutto.

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Pro tip: Search by farmer/producer

  • Matsumoto peaches and nectarines :peach:
  • County Line Produce
  • Tutti Frutti Produce
  • Adante, Vermont Creamery, Cypress Grove, Stepladder Cheese
  • Journeyman Charcuterie
  • Harry’s Berry’s (more $ than the FM, less expensive than Erewhon, better than driving, fighting for parking, standing in line at FM)
  • Murray Family Farms (grapes right now)
  • Clif McFarlin Fruit
  • Galpin Fruit
  • McGrath Flowers
  • Kenter Canyon
  • Smallhold Mushrooms
  • Santa Barbara Fish Co.
  • Tsar Nicolai
  • Phil’s Lao Curry Grass Fed Frozen Beef
  • Cream Co. Beef
  • Creekstone Beef (sometimes)
  • Llano Seco Pork
  • Encinitas Farms Iberico
  • Fabrique Delices
  • Kouzeh Iranian Bakery
  • Fat + Flour
  • Masienda Tortialls
  • Sabor Mexicano
  • Rustic Bakery and Potter’s Crackers
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate

Inventory feels a little empty Sunday/Monday. Gets more robust towards the weekend. Good customer service. Produce has been pristine for us. A couple of hiccups and they refund immediately.

You get $25, I get $20 :point_down::


Oh, wow! That looks fantastic. thanks for going to the trouble of compiling this list for us! :heart_eyes:

Cream Co. has a lot of good stuff. Andante is great.

Journeyman has great ham and fresh sausages but I generally don’t care for their salumi.

We visited the Salumeria a couple of weeks ago and purchased the salumi plate. It was fantastic. So good that we returned the next day to buy chubs of FINOCCHIONA and PORCINI salumi and the McKinley aged cheddar from Wm Cofield Cheesemakers in Sebastopol. The meat case which is full of beautiful steaks :cut_of_meat:, meatballs and other goodies.

@robert , what do you not like about their salumi?

The only prepared food I’ve tried at GE is the pistachio pesto which was fine after I add salt and more cheese.

The dry salame I had were too dry and just didn’t taste right. But I haven’t bought any in over two years so they could have improved.

I’d give it another go. I thought Fatted Calf was also delicious. If only Good Eggs would offer Fatted Calf and Model Bakery :pray:.

For LA Delivery! You just made my year and my waistline!

Wow, I had no idea they had opened. I totally forgot about them. Any intel?

EDIT: nevermind. Found a FTC thread about this:

The rye bread is very good. I think the pastrami is a step down from Wexler’s, let alone Langer’s.

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I should say their rye bread in the SF Bay Area is very good. I don’t know if it’s the same in LA.

I think the rye comes from their bakery in San Francisco and it’s excellent. Best I’ve had since I was a child. The challah didn’t impress.

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