Anybody watching Great American Baking Show, Holiday Edition?

I used to love the GBBO/GBBS (Great British Baking Show) but felt that there was a subtle change in the last season w/ Mary Berry (where the editing seemed to amp up the drama in a way that seemed very un-GBBS). Didn’t enjoy the last season of GBBS, solely b/c I find Prue unpalatable and “not worth the calories.”

I usually find the American version to be a very respectful, but rather boring, version of the original. I have to say, though, that Sherry Yard and Baby Spice (!) are making this super enjoyable… As in, better than the GBBS (!!!). Sherry seems sweet but doesn’t hesitate to give constructive criticism (which really does come off as educational, rather than condescending). And Baby Spice is charismatic and funny w/o drawing too much attention to herself. The two of them seem to be elevating Paul Hollywood and Spice Adams. Nothing can replace the wry and endearing wit of Mel and Sue, but the show is again endearing, light-hearted, charming, and wholly watchable. Yes!