Anyone use Blue Apron or Sunfare?

Sunfare is in LA and Phoenix and owned by Angie Everhart and her husband, Carl…John too!
I wish they did home delivery in SD.

Friends use them, since they care for his parent’s and the food is incredible in taste, reasonable and food choices that are on a higher end…they pick out their menu choices, each week.

They do this a couple times a week and gives my girlfriend a break on cooking…

Loved to hear your thoughts on these and other home food delivery!

I was given a month or so of Blue Apron as a gift.

It was fun and easy. You choose your food preferences, everything is pre-measured, you get to make something you’ve never thought of and keep the pretty photo recipe card. It’s also good for people (not myself) learning to cook. Plus, it’s like X-Mas opening the box every week.

The downside:
Since my kids are older and doing their own thing I usually cook when the mood strikes. But w/BA you have to cook on a timeline or the food will spoil. I’m the only cook in the house - no sharing that task. My other issue is it comes with an enormous amount of plastic & paper, which is definitely not eco-friendly. Although, I found a lot of the stuff useful for packing work lunches or picnics, especially the ice-packs. But if you’re getting it every week that is bad.

I think the service is great for people who are caring for others and want to avoid a lot of take-out. Working parents love it and think it’s well worth the cost.

So yes, I liked it.

P.S. Angie Everhart found a husband?

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Thanks for the input :cookie:
Angie married the President/CEO of Sunfare…
I have an aversion to Gingers, but she rocks it!

That’s hilarious. I’m the opposite. I love Gingers - they remind of my Irish nannies - but Everhart not so much. I do like happy endings. So congrats to her!

Maybe if I had an Irish nanny instead of a French one, my ginger aversion, would be lessen to just clowns, leprechauns and sprite’s!

Hilarious. The McAlaney sisters. They rocked. They were younger than my mom and free-spirits. When my dad passed they took her to parties and brought her out of her funk. So, now I love all the ginger actresses - Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, etc. To me they’re real broads.

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