APL Restaurant

Ahhh… maybe that’s why the monks don’t mess with it. Tryin’ to damp down the urges.


Have any of you ever had your experience at a high end steakhouse, or any high end restaurant, compromised by the quality of silverware? I’ve not that I can recall, but I am genuinely curious.

As far as whether it’s worth the trouble with these dumb knives…here we are talking about them (granted, i’m the one talking about them at 11:15 on a Saturday night)


Seriously, you’ve got one of his swords??? They’re going for $50k+ these days… I should have got one when they were readily available at bladegallery

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Don’t feel bad. I just thought you boys were posting cool pictures of random dudes holding cool knives. I didn’t know this was a thing. How female of me.


He has chickens in his yard too. :smile:

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At Michael Jordan’s in Chicago (is that high end? not sure, but whatever let’s pretend for a moment if it’s not), the steak knife was so big I almost felt like I needed both hands to wield it.

Was it a quality silverware? Probably. But was it the appropriate one? Most definitely not.

Did it compromise the meal? It sure didn’t make it more enjoyable.

That’s a crack-up. They were probably designed to fit the big man’s hands.

I can’t recall the quality of silverware compromising my meal in recent memory (at a restaurant of any kind), but then again, I prefer to eat takeout Mexican food like carne asada fries with a plastic fork. Metal doesn’t feel right. For steak, basically the knife has to be good enough to cut the steak without a struggle.

On the other hand, there are many many restaurants in LA of all prices ranges that I feel have inadequate stemware for wine.

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Garlic is not traditionally used in Buddhist vegetarian cooking. Some strange ancient translation of a text about being “mood enhancing” or something

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In Korean temple cuisine, garlic is considered not conducive to the mindset for meditation.

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Neither is a charcoal-grilled dry-aged steak.

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Gotta keep the tourists fed.

There he goes again. From the article:

“And finally there is the Serious Barbecue Sandwich, a $50 behemoth filled with more than a pound of pit-cooked shaved New York strip, pickles, onions, and horseradish.”

$50 for a takeout sandwich? I don’t care if it’s a pound of beef, that’s a rip, and it doesn’t even look like anything special.


That’s a whopping 5 orders of tomato and onions!




To the extent that they’re working with GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness) to employ those who are hard of hearing (as original press releases mentioned), I genuinely hope that this takeout window succeeds.

I do like a good chili dog. I wonder if I can get some chopped onions for free or if they will charge for them…

I believe the $50 takeout sandwich is a publicity stunt to generate discussion. I won’t hold that against them as it applies to the takeout window, since this $$ sandwich is an anomaly that was probably conceived to get a headline.

APL restaurant itself, however, is fair game for criticism due to the high prices they charge - in my opinion, it better be on fucking point. With the majority of the menu charging very high prices compared to what other steakhouses charge, and the fact that a great steak usually isn’t hard to make at home, again, APL Restaurant better be knocking out of the park not only with seriously good food but also great consistency.


Here’s the mental gymnastics required to buy it: if it’s as big as they say it’s basically a 2 person sandwich for $25/serving. When I go to Proof I have to buy 2 sandwiches and a pastry to be reasonably full (not stuffed) which comes out to $23.

So in that context it’s not awful, but having said that I agree with the cheap publicity angle.

Or you can get 2 Banh Mi Trung from Saigon Bakery for $7 and call it a day! :wink:


Yeah but that’s an impossible standard to be comparing sandwiches against.