Approaching Storm

Hope everyone stays warm, dry, and safe!


I am uncertain but this may be my very first post, or close to it. But most importantly. Do stay safe as best as people.:heart:


Soup time!!


Your account says it’s your eleventh post; please chime in more often - and yes, do stay safe!

Am about to start a pot of split pea. That, plus cornbread and some roasted sprouts/garlic, should keep us well during the wet!

But, I have to first finish reading this three-part piece on the ARkStorm (which I’m fairly certain I’ve read before - or at least have read about the scenario). Cheery thoughts!


Thank you for letting me know. I would have never guessed. Guess I am getting absent minded. Have a good day.

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:+1: Making a pot of split pea soup is a cold and wet staple for me


I don’t have a car and since I knew a dangerous storm was coming, I did a LOT of shopping the last few days. I am prepared, but thanks for the warning, OP.


Rainy days always call for da been lo aka hot pot

Hope everyone is staying dry


Naw, you simply have more important things to recall and ponder over!

Yep, I’d read this, about ARkStorm 2.0:

Glad you thought ahead!

Oh, that looks tasty!

Same here!

From this:

To this:

It’s spent the night in the fridge, letting the flavors develop; today I’ll rewarm it and add the sausage.

Still hoping everyone is warm and dry!


I full on did the same thing hitting the grocery store before the rains so I could stay in. And boy, was I right to do so as I saw the rain from my couch in between cooking breaks.

Yesterday’s kitchen activities:

  • French toast
  • Maple bread pudding
  • Roasted rainbow carrots with honey
  • Charred sprouting cauliflower
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Shrimp stir fry
  • Meat sauce with whole wheat linguini

I have to cook on weekends because I don’t have much time during the week. The natives in the house get restless if there aren’t enough options and this week’s weather does not inspire me to leave for take out.

This will probably last about 2-3 days. I live with animals.


California seems to have a different concept of storms from the rest of the country.

What is their word for “half of the yearly rainfall average in 2 days”


Conscript them into cooking duties!


I think people would just call this “a lot of rain”. “Storm” to me connotes violent winds, blizzards, downpours, lightning, etc. — not just all day drizzle.

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And your experience of all day drizzle is the same as everyone else in the city, certainly. No one lives on mudslide prone hills or flood prone canyons. Weather events should be named and defined in relation to the three blocks closest to your house, and along your commute.


You’re arguing against a straw man.

3-10" of rain in less than 24 hours is hardly a “drizzle” and definitely ranks as a “downpour.” And there have been plenty of violent winds in parts of California. 75mph high enough for you?

If it isn’t that way where you happen to be, drive a few minutes. California’s geography means minutes away the weather can be entirely different.

I also guarantee wherever you’re from, 3-10" of rain in 24 hours would cause serious problems, no matter how tough you think you are. NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, would all be in just as dire a situation. And local news there would be just as over the top about their coverage. Hell, if it was New York City, the networks would be doing break-ins!


That’s definitely a lot of rain, no question.

Hurrican level wind with a lot of power outage (at least here in the Bay area) would also be described as storms in other parts of the US (or the world).


It’s not worth me having to clean up their mess in the kitchen. Imagine people who use the largest pots, pans, knives, and cutting boards for the smallest task…and spills everywhere. I’m basically cleaning the entire kitchen after those hurricanes roll through.