April 2019 Weekend Rundown

Made in Japan
Made in America


I’m only interested in the Toto washlets

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VIN number has to start with letter ‘J’…


No bidet, no play.
Furthermore, if I have to set cheek on cold seat, then what are we even doing?


Man a MIJ Toto with heated seats should be instant 3 Michelin stars.


We just finished our latest trip up north. Here are all of the individual restaurant threads gathered together in case it’s helpful for anyone heading up soon. :slight_smile:

A nice Portuguese dinner:

A quick lunch of Handmade Pasta and Pizza at Cotogna (revisit):

Fun, festive, tasty Izakaya food:

Another stunning Modern Mexican cuisine dinner and one of the best meals on this trip, with a return visit to Californios:

More fantastic Dim Sum goodness:

Best Pasta we’ve had in years! Sardinian cuisine with love:

Mediocre Dim Sum, but documenting it here for reference:

Possibly the Best Sushi we’ve had in the U.S. so far. Some incredible highlights:

Some quick morning Pastries and more at:

Some of the greatest Hong Kong BBQ we’ve had in the U.S. Stunning Roast Duck and more!

As before, none of these would’ve been possible without all of the great recommendations from our wonderful FTC’ers! Thanks again @beefnoguy @BradFord @PorkyBelly @ipsedixit @chandavkl @J_L @JeetKuneBao @chinchi @SFDiner and so many others!


Shunji Japanese Cuisine starts the spring weekend right…

Otsumami: Grilled miso-glazed Brie, quail egg with osetra caviar, takenoko (young bamboo shoot), tsukune imo (tuberous mountain yam) tofu with tai (sea bream), hotaru ika (firefly squid) with shiro miso, Santa Barbara prawn, daikon blossom, wakasagi nanban-zuke (smelt marinated in plum vinaigrette)…

Grilled kinki (rockfish) with myoga, beans, miso sauce…

Akami (lean tuna)…

Nigiri of kurigani (chestnut crab), with kani miso (crab tomalley)… Unlike many other types of crabs from Japan, this particular species is in actually at the height of its season during spring!


Nice @J_L! I love Shunji-san’s presentations and cooked bites. :slight_smile: It looks amazing.

The Kurigani looks great - never had that before; can’t wait to try it. It reminds me of the Sekogani (Seiko Princess Snow Crab) that we got from Shunji-san during Winter.

But most importantly, @J_L where’s the rest of your meal?! :wink: :smile: This looks like just the appetizer.

Maybe not fair to post pics from travels but this Tiger Prawn was lovely in Lisbon

It was massive. That’s a human adult hand behind it.


Looks scrumptious! I hope you sucked the brains dry! :wink:

Is that from cervejaria ramiro?

No. We had a tough time getting in due to Easter weekend. This was at https://www.restaurantepinoquio.pt/

Frankly I’m glad we didn’t go to Ramiro given the extensive name recognition and TV coverage.

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Nice I’ll have to check that place out next time we head to lisbon!

We quite enjoyed Anfama Cellar as well.


I had some good meals in April, first was Majordomo and Somni (already posted), then Majordomo for their lunch preview (posted on the Majordomo thread)
Here are a few pics of meals I had

Majordomo lunch preview - strawberries on a plate (Harry’s Berries)

Langer’s for Lunch - Pastrami on Rye

Shunji - i believe in this picture, it’s the same items that J_L had

Tartine - mushroom toast

Owan - black cod, bamboo, wakame, dashi

And To follow the values instilled in this forum, Toto at n/naka

There were other restaurants but pictures were lousy or I forgot to take pics.


Nice, nice, NICE!

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I don’t think i’ll be eating those kinds of meals for a while.

N/naka, 3* confirmed.

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You going to do a detail write up on n/naka? We haven’t heard any report for that place in a while.

Welcome to California! You must be hungry! What would you like to eat, Mexican or hamburgers, some Chinese food?

Th adorable young twenty-year olds look at each other and say,
“Mmm… Taco Bell ? We would really like to try it.”

Of course, darling children! :heart::taco::taco::taco::heart: