April 2019 Weekend Rundown

Rasselbock brunch.

Bratwurst with French fries and spaetzel.

Excellent French fries! Good brat, spaetzel was dry.

Spaetzel carbonara.

“It tastes a bit rancid.”, I accidentally say
out loud. Everyone gave me a dirty look for being rude, so I mumble something stupid about having a sensitive palate. :zipper_mouth_face:


This tasted of cheap tinned tomatoes and was much too thick, with giant chunks of mealy potatoes (with bitter skin left on) and flavorless beef. Do not recommend. :slight_smile:


Had a great dim sum brunch Saturday at Longo. Nothing too unique but everything was just perfectly cooked. Big fan of this place other than the weirdly sexual slow motion egg yolk oozing videos on loop on the 500 yard wide screen.

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Shuck Oyster Bar (Costa Mesa)
Dropped in for lunch with my cousin and we had a great time. They had a fair amount of oysters from Mexico and we ordered OOE. What’s super interesting was they had Kumamotos from Mexico and Washington…so we tried them both to see how they compared. What we both learned that oysters from Mexico have a stronger salinity taste than their northern cousins. I rather preferred the Mexican Kumamoto to the Washington one because I feel that the extra salt helped the naturally subtle oyster. While the extra salinity was great for the Kumamoto, it may not have faired as well with all the Mexican oysters…as my cousin and I found them to be super salty. We tried their clams for the first time and really enjoyed the Purple Savorys from New Zealand…a nice balance of salt water and chew…with a slightly bitter finish that I quite enjoyed.
Regular menu items included the salmon toast (the smoked salmon was so good!), crab cakes (for some reason I didn’t like their crab cakes…lots of sweet crab, but something was off…maybe the texture since it was deep-fried in oil…too crunchy), the Caesar salad (I love their Caesar), and the fried mushrooms (while not greasy, the batter is super thick…wouldn’t order them, again).
Had a couple of champagne cocktails and the Clarity Sparkling Raspberry Tonics. It was a nice lunch.


I think my wife and I might need to get in there this weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sonny and the crew.

Interesting note on the Mexican Kumamotos. My first oyster experience was trying one that had just been pried off a rock in San Felipe, BC when the tide was out. I was about 12 at the time. So good.


I always enjoy your oyster posts @attran99.

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Those Mexican oysters would have been great with the mignonette Shuck makes…but for the sake of experimenting, I had them plain with just a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon. For one of those oysters, it was not a good idea…I just can’t remember which one it was. I do remember liking the Hot Mamacita oyster from Mexico. They also had a Double D from Mexico…referring to the size of the shell and oyster…that one was quite meaty indeed and a touch salty.


2nd Birthday Party for our Littlest Family Member! :partying_face:

Cakes and cupcakes were from Nothing Bundt Cakes (Brea). Strawberries & Cream were my favorite. :yum: But I literally got a head rush from the frosting. What the heck is all that sugar doing to kids?

Food was from Wing Stop & Chema’s Tacos in Whittier

The next day was girls’ day - wedding dress shopping, followed by brunch on Abbott Kinney in Venice

I was hoping for a glass of champagne or sparkling wine at the bridal shop. But I guess a glass of water with a rosebud in it is nice.


I’d had enough of water with little rosebuds or otherwise. I made quick work of that Lambrusco. I don’t recall the maker, but the description had ‘pietra rosso’ in quotes. I’m not sure why it would be in quotes - maybe a wine person can explain it.

They have an insanely delicious looking cinnamon sticky bun, but the person next to us got the last one. He did manage to look apologetic as he scarfed it down.

Short Rib Hash, Baked Egg w/Gremolata, Horseradish Sauce, Charred Slice of La Brea Bakery Bread

There was nothing hash about it. Nice chunks of tender short rib, pan fried (or roasted) potatoes, deliciously savory gravy, baked egg still runny enough to ooze into the gravy to be sopped up by the potatoes and meat, drizzled with sharp & creamy horseradish sauce. :kissing_closed_eyes: This is the kind of meal I take bites of but never order myself. I saw it and had to have it! Sooo good!

Biscuit, Sausage & Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes

This wasn’t my dish, so I just tried the potatoes for research. I’m a hash brown or thin sliced breakfast potato kinda’ gal. To me the chunks are usually a boring, obligatory breakfast side dish. Not these. They were soft inside w/a nice, caramelized exterior. The soft scrambled eggs w/chives looked right up my alley. My friend said she liked everything about the dish. :blush:

Avert your eyes @catholiver. It’s a Toto!

I wasn’t expecting much from The Tasting Kitchen other than they had food, drinks and were close to the bridal shop. It was very satisfying! Definitely a solid consideration for your stay in Venice @CeleryVictor.

Side bar: the continuing transformation of Venice is interesting. While some things change, some stay the same. On this part of Abbott Kinney there is still that curious gaggle of bikers congregating on the sidewalk and the street. :thinking: While inside the restaurants and shops there are expensively rumpled gentrifiers and pretty, young ladies dressed up in their expensive Easter best. Such is the coexistence of Angelenos… :slight_smile:

Edit: $67+Tip

Happy April Weekend Eating!


A bridal shop in gentrified Venice without champagne?!? For shame! :wink:
Looks like a lovely time!

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I know, right?!!

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Okay, so you’re normal. It always amazes me that you remember as many as you do.

You are too kind, @TheCookie! I tend to remember things I like, dislike, or find unusual…everything else is a crapshoot. :joy:


By chance did you catch the provenance of the Toto? My recent Toto experiences have not been that great, and I later found out it’s because they manufacture in many countries now. I’m really only interested in MIJ or MIA Toto’s.



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Made in Japan
Made in America


I’m only interested in the Toto washlets

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VIN number has to start with letter ‘J’…


No bidet, no play.
Furthermore, if I have to set cheek on cold seat, then what are we even doing?


Man a MIJ Toto with heated seats should be instant 3 Michelin stars.


We just finished our latest trip up north. Here are all of the individual restaurant threads gathered together in case it’s helpful for anyone heading up soon. :slight_smile:

A nice Portuguese dinner:

A quick lunch of Handmade Pasta and Pizza at Cotogna (revisit):

Fun, festive, tasty Izakaya food:

Another stunning Modern Mexican cuisine dinner and one of the best meals on this trip, with a return visit to Californios:

More fantastic Dim Sum goodness:

Best Pasta we’ve had in years! Sardinian cuisine with love:

Mediocre Dim Sum, but documenting it here for reference:

Possibly the Best Sushi we’ve had in the U.S. so far. Some incredible highlights:

Some quick morning Pastries and more at:

Some of the greatest Hong Kong BBQ we’ve had in the U.S. Stunning Roast Duck and more!

As before, none of these would’ve been possible without all of the great recommendations from our wonderful FTC’ers! Thanks again @beefnoguy @BradFord @PorkyBelly @ipsedixit @chandavkl @J_L @JeetKuneBao @chinchi @SFDiner and so many others!


Shunji Japanese Cuisine starts the spring weekend right…

Otsumami: Grilled miso-glazed Brie, quail egg with osetra caviar, takenoko (young bamboo shoot), tsukune imo (tuberous mountain yam) tofu with tai (sea bream), hotaru ika (firefly squid) with shiro miso, Santa Barbara prawn, daikon blossom, wakasagi nanban-zuke (smelt marinated in plum vinaigrette)…

Grilled kinki (rockfish) with myoga, beans, miso sauce…

Akami (lean tuna)…

Nigiri of kurigani (chestnut crab), with kani miso (crab tomalley)… Unlike many other types of crabs from Japan, this particular species is in actually at the height of its season during spring!