April 2019 Weekend Rundown

Nice @J_L! I love Shunji-san’s presentations and cooked bites. :slight_smile: It looks amazing.

The Kurigani looks great - never had that before; can’t wait to try it. It reminds me of the Sekogani (Seiko Princess Snow Crab) that we got from Shunji-san during Winter.

But most importantly, @J_L where’s the rest of your meal?! :wink: :smile: This looks like just the appetizer.

Maybe not fair to post pics from travels but this Tiger Prawn was lovely in Lisbon

It was massive. That’s a human adult hand behind it.


Looks scrumptious! I hope you sucked the brains dry! :wink:

Is that from cervejaria ramiro?

No. We had a tough time getting in due to Easter weekend. This was at https://www.restaurantepinoquio.pt/

Frankly I’m glad we didn’t go to Ramiro given the extensive name recognition and TV coverage.

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Nice I’ll have to check that place out next time we head to lisbon!

We quite enjoyed Anfama Cellar as well.


I had some good meals in April, first was Majordomo and Somni (already posted), then Majordomo for their lunch preview (posted on the Majordomo thread)
Here are a few pics of meals I had

Majordomo lunch preview - strawberries on a plate (Harry’s Berries)

Langer’s for Lunch - Pastrami on Rye

Shunji - i believe in this picture, it’s the same items that J_L had

Tartine - mushroom toast

Owan - black cod, bamboo, wakame, dashi

And To follow the values instilled in this forum, Toto at n/naka

There were other restaurants but pictures were lousy or I forgot to take pics.


Nice, nice, NICE!

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I don’t think i’ll be eating those kinds of meals for a while.

N/naka, 3* confirmed.

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You going to do a detail write up on n/naka? We haven’t heard any report for that place in a while.

Welcome to California! You must be hungry! What would you like to eat, Mexican or hamburgers, some Chinese food?

Th adorable young twenty-year olds look at each other and say,
“Mmm… Taco Bell ? We would really like to try it.”

Of course, darling children! :heart::taco::taco::taco::heart:


Not In-N-Out? Sacrilege! :wink:
Such a great hostess!

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They are from a small land-locked country that lacks people of Mexico. :slight_smile:


South Orange County Love

Kawamata Seafood.

Real Poke. Added Ogo and Avocado(because California and I love tuna-avocado combination).

If I could compare with Jus Poke in Redondo…Jus Poke has a stronger marinade but the Ogo is not as good as Kawamata. The Ogo at Kawamata is great! Kawamata’s poke was very subtle with shoyu and sesame, I prefer a little more stronger flavor but none the less its a good bowl!!

The Musubi is solid. I think it was microwaved with the plastic and half the nori disintegrated. Still the best Musubi I ever had was from a Hawaiian friend, who marinates and then grills the Spam!!

Biggies Burgers

I walk in and they are playing In The Still Of The Night? I see counter seats too! I am already in love!

I think it would be mistake to lump this in with those So Cal Diners you know ______[insert male name] Burgers (and fries, Pastrami, burritos). This place serves what Tony Bourdain calls, “a good honest cheeseburger”. No frills.
Go ahead and put some ketchup in it! Add on includes: chilli, cheese, bacon, and egg.

With one bite I could tell right away that the patties are hand formed which I confirmed with the manager. With a milk shake this well made classic cheeseburger hits the satisfactory level to the roof! So good I got another! With grilled onions! In retrospect I should have got an egg too.

Biggies Burgers is a fine fine establishment. Now I wouldn’t expect some of you to drive down here from LA but if you are on your way to SD, hit them up! Or bang it up with another burger at Riders Club Cafe. Or triple bang it with Kawamata-Biggies-Riders Club, and sleep like a baby in your hotel/air bnb.

San Clemente Pier! Got a cap at Bear Coast Coffee. I love the name Bear Coast btw! But was pretty disappointed that my drink was watery not full body. That’s the thing about espresso-based drinks! I am more of a pour over guy but I do enjoy a well made espresso-based drink such as the flat white at 2 Guns!

What is more life affirming than a good cheeseburger and the Pacific Ocean? When I look to the side I see some parents playing with their young child, a train rolls by that earlier in the day started its journey from Los Angeles Union Station, a group of friends are having a picnic at a nearby table, I see young surfers in the water, and couples sharing a bench staring out to the ocean. And in my belly: cheeseburger, poke, and milkshake.


Taco Nazo (Bellflower)
Lunch with a friend. She wanted fish tacos. I agreed. We shared the 6 taco pack with 4 fish and 2 shrimp. Super crispy batter and great fish or shrimp inside.
I hadn’t been to this location since they opened up their sit-down dining room/restaurant next their OG stand (the stand remains open for express/take-out business). The dining room is super nice, and is huge. Quality is comparable to their OG location. Parking is sparse in the lot and on the street during weekday business hours.


I been meaning to try Nazo for awhile. I seen them around the County.

Have you had Taco Baja Ensenada in East Los? How do they compare?

The Bellflower Taco Nazo, I can vouch for. It’s really good…I’ve been to La Habra and my friends have been to San Dimas/Pomona…and those two are subpar.
I can’t compare to Taco Baja Ensenada. Never been there. Sorry.

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I’ll leave the detailed reviews to pros like you guys. I’ll just say that I enjoyed my meal. It’s her take, California/modern kaiseki, different from what Hayato does. Some elements are the same but there’s a lot of riffing from Chef Niki. Her signature dish the spaghettini with abalone, pickled cod roe and truffles were a hit. I wish the portion for the spaghettini was a little bigger.