Are (or have) Burritos Ruining Mexican Food in America

The comments are almost as good as the article :wink:

This was a ridiculous article! Not sure where this writer gets his burritos from, but in my part of So. CA, I get real flour tortillas (not the fluffy mass produced grocery store ones). But then again, I usually buy burritos from a taco truck or a hole in the wall Mexican place. Sounds like this guy is ordering burritos at El Torito or Taco Bell or something!

The burrito has not ruined “Mexican Food in America” any more than a 2 lb. plate of bad refried beans, bad rice, and bad meat with a side of tortillas served at a place with red vinyl booths and kwearvo gold “top shelf” margaritas has ruined “Mexican Food in America.”

That’s a really lame article . What burritos ruining America ; Not at all . That’s what I’d be selling . Smart !!! And delicious . Great food in a tube .

I didn’t know burritos were supposed to have sex appeal. At the end he seems to want to duck. Or is he ordering me to duck. Either way, apparently have been doing it all wrong.

My auto correct thinks you make babies by ducking. I need to figure out how to turn it off.