Are restaurants too loud? YES! YES! YES!

From NPR’s Here and Now (not heard in LA)

“Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

~ Betteridge’s law of headlines

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I think certain restaurants in certain neighborhoods set off with the intent to be loud or to attract a certain set of clientele (a la a day club/party lounge). Those are the ones I don’t make plans to visit.

There’s a place that we love for lunch. But I can just tell from all the hard surfaces and how young the ‘patrons’ generally are that it’s loud for dinner. I considered taking an out of town friend there but didn’t for that reason.

In the piece, they have WaPo food critic Tom Sietsema answer it. He now adds bells to his reviews to note how unbelievably loud a lot of restaurants are.

@robert did Bauer/SF use bells? Seems that someone did. I think it’s a good idea.