Array 36 - Temple City

the shanghai crab roe stewed tofu, shanghai style smoked fish with preserved plums, river shrimp, and crispy shrimp were good.

pacing and food temp sucked.

review forthcoming @moonboy403 @Clayfu?

the luxury menu


So the Peking duck was bad? :frowning: it looks so good on social media

Also I feel like food temp/texture is a huge part of Chinese cuisine so that is a huge ding

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i just see lots of missed opportunities for the caviar supplement :rofl:


will have to go to bistro na to order the caviar supplement with peking duck!!


I went a day after @porkbelly did and it might not even be the same restaurant based on his complaints.

Our service was incredibly attentive and food came out pretty quickly and at a good pace between dishes. We probably had a few more demands too as we needed wine glasses and also kept adding on more dishes as the night went on.

I enjoyed the Crab Roe stewed Tofu, RIver Shrimp, the Sea cucumber with leek (maybe one of the best SC preps i’ve had in a bit), the steamed turbot.


Do you think you got the industry hook up?

Honestly this is why I’ve been extra skeptical of the place, perhaps too much so. The unassuming places get a pass, but Array 36 seems to be the apotheosis of presumption. Then again, maybe I should visit for this very reason.

Who’d have thought right? :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I only put a name to a face when I went to Tak Shing Hong for my Prince of Peace lozenge fix. I’m almost keen to go because of that alone.

Nah. They don’t know me. I joked it was cause my table was 70% tall white males.


Gotta pay em proper respect that they deserve.

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The mainlanders saw all the gweilos and probably thought “they must be vips” lol


spirit on duck and then flamed isn’t either traditional way to do Peking Duck. (closed oven or open hearth methods).

Kind of a pan-chinese menu. Looking forward to osmanthus (flower) infused stuffed lotus rood. Had it the first time in Suzhou. THen saw it on a menu yeas later at Shanghai Seafood Village #1 (was that the name?) on Valley. It’s a great sweet and an awesome dessert, western style. Even made it myself during lockdown.