Artelice Patisserie (Sawtelle Japantown): A Pictorial Essay

Low-key recent opening for this new Sawtelle Japantown confectioner, located adjacent to Balconi Coffee Company in the Olympic Collection. Gorgeous, delicate-looking, and delicious cakes. The store display of the goods, in a “whitebox” case, is Instagram-worthy. Their tiramisu was outstanding.


Artelice Patisserie
11301 W. Olympic Blvd. #125
Los Angeles, CA 90064


REALLY NICE PIX! They only rate a “Recommended” by you? OK, what gives?

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Taking the review thing seriously: I gotta go back for (ahem) “more data” before declaring the upgrade…

Extrapolating from existing data, however, Artelice seems to be headed for an imminent “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” label very soon. :slight_smile:


Great little spot for their lattes (almond essence or matcha) or siphon coffee. Nice people, too.

Gorgeous pics, JL.


Wowowow! those are some beautiful pics, i hope they’re as delicious! those things really are pretty!

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I was wondering if the silence regarding the other pastries (which look AMAZING) was similar to silence about the Sawtelle okonomiyaki place… :wink:

That “more data” part is hard work. Or as my son used to say in his less verbally descriptive years, “really really very very lotsa lotsa” hard work. Tenacious J_L.


Is tiramisu picture ?

It’s the speckled white one with the flower on top. I gotta take a cross-section photo, I suppose. In any case, it was tasty.

Ok, those are gorgeous. And, given my insatiable sweet tooth, I’ll (hopefully) be trying for myself this weekend.

Thank you for sharing

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which ones did you try?

interesting now i see it.
Thank you JL>

Oh my god, these look heavenly!

I’ve always wondered why people feel a need to make desserts look pretty.

Cuz if there’s any viand that I would have no hesitation eating if it looked ugly, it would be a dessert item.

Wonderful pics as always, by the way.

Because in nature, sweet things are pretty. Fruits, syrups, golden honey.

Meat is ugly and so are starches and many vegetables.

viand - 14th century Anglo-French term meaning, “article of food.”

As I always suspected - ipse is an Outlander.


what’s an Outlander

I’m not a huge sweet eater but those are just so darn gorgeous. Please, yes, give us some cross sections in the (hopefully near) future.

Daughter was yearning for Volcano Boba. “Okay - anything for my sweetheart! Oh heck - speaking of sweets…”

Beautifully made, wonderful flavor combinations, all gone. This doesn’t happen often with desserts in our home. These desserts are a testament to the notion that we eat with our eyes first - and consummated with our taste buds.


What flavor is that yellow one?