Asian food in Irvine

Need some recommendations for lunch. Any type of asian will do! TIA

where in irvine?

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Anywhere within local driving distance. Not looking to drive all the way to garden grove tho

“Asian” is a pretty broad category. It’s been a while, but when I worked there, I enjoyed several places:

Dim sum at Capital Seafood (2 locations).
Urban Seoul for Korean fusion.
Shik Do Rak for KBBQ.
Sam Woo for Chinese.
Din Tai Fung at South Coast Plaza for XLB and other dumpling delights.
A & J for spicy braised beef noodle soup.
SWSH for Shabu Shabu.

I’m sure others (cough @Porthos) will have plenty to add.

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How about JZhou? Never been, but @Porthos likes it.

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I need to get in there. Thanks for the reminder.


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Has anyone been to Gyutan Tsukasa for their bbq beef tongue? Thoughts?

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Noodle 101 for beef rolls and dumplings
J Zhou > Capital Seafood for dim sum
Kang Ho-Dong Beakjong for Korean BBQ - supposed to open this year

Yeah Im just trying to get as many responses as possible because I want to see what’s out there and I want to eventually try as many places as possible

In addition to those mentioned, lots of good options in the shopping centers at Walnut & Jeffrey (near the 5), Zetton Ramen on Baker near Bristol, I have not been yet but just over the border in Tustin is the new Sichuan Impression on Redhill East of the 5. Phan 55 on Scholarship near Campus is decent for Vietnamese. Hamamori at SCP is good for a “modern” approach to sushi. Not a fan of the Capital Seafood at Diamond Jamboree–for some reason not as good to my taste as the one at the Spectrum.

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J Zhou

Chef Hung

Also the pork sung roll is mighty tasty (not pictured).

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Gyutan Tsukasa is good. So is Santouka ramen. They’re all inside the Mitsuwa food court. They also serve beer in the food court which is always a +.

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Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

It’s pretty good. I posted about it earlier:

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Capital Seafood in Diamond Jamboree is closing.

Thanks. I had just read that myself, but they were open two years ago when I wrote the post. I always found that the wait was shorter at the Spectrum location anyway.

There was some speculation as to whether the recent addition of Paper Lantern Dumpling House had something to do with the closure, but apparently the family is saying they’re focusing more on their noodle bar concept now.

I heard the rent is too high. It is a big space.

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Already closed.

I used to live there and I liked Chong Qing Mei Wei, 101 Noodle, and Kaya restaurant (especially the octopus bibimbap.)

I’ve never seen Kaya mentioned anywhere – I don’t prefer Korean food overall, but that was one of my favorite Korean places anywhere.