At a Berkeley supermarket, the mask habit dies hard

Kind of goofy that my neighborhood supermarket is in the NY Times.

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Speaking for myself, I’m inclined to wear a mask in public (although my second covid vaccination was Jan. 4th) because I don’t want to be thought of as an antimasker. Also to keep others calm and less terrified of contagion.


Here in Berkeley, anti-maskers are almost as rare as Trump bumper stickers. In Alameda County, 67% of people 12 are fully vaccinated and another 13% have had their first dose. Some zip codes in Berkeley are 99% fully vaccinated.

In South OC people continued wearing masks in supermarkets thru Friday or so following the end of the mandate. Since then not so much. Today I went to a Ralph’s and maybe less than 20% of people were wearing them, and half of those had them pulled down below their mouths. Seems like it took a few days for the idea to sink in.

You’re lucky- I’m in Tucson, which is better than the Phoenix area, but we still have a large population who view masks as a left wing conspiracy.

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Wearing earplugs may reduce the chance of catching a contagious mental illness.


I happened to be in downtown Berkeley a week or so ago and was surprised not only to see EVERYONE wearing masks indoors (and being REALLY strictly enforced by every single worker, regardless of store) but people were wearing them outside, just walking along the sidewalk, even in areas where they were the only people within half a block of one another.

Then I traveled back to Sacramento, where most everyone but the elderly have given up on outdoor masks, but a good 75% of folks still wear them in indoor public spaces, or outdoors in closer crowds.

And then I visited some friends who live a county over in El Dorado, and you have store clerks SNEERING at you if you’re wearing a mask. Over in Placer County you have places that will refuse to serve folks wearing masks.

People can be amazingly stupid…


It’s amazing how regional the mask wearing is.


Pandemic denial, anti-vaxism, authoritarianism, and racism are just symptoms of the more general regional concentration of stupidity and ignorance.

Since June 15, I haven’t been anyplace in Berkeley where anyone asked me to wear a mask. Prior to that, yes, there was zero tolerance for anti-maskers.