August 2016 Weekend Rundown

Thanks, @President_Mochi! :blush: There is no finer pizza during the summer months. Otherwise, eating a normal pizza would induce a severe food coma.

Just trying to do my part and eat my five a day of veg, @PorkyBelly! :grin:


Hi @MaladyNelson,

Or you can get your veggies via umai tempura! :wink:

(courtesy tabelog)


Good lord, that vegetable tempura looks amazing, @Chowseeker1999! Many thanks!

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Yah I want to try Kondo one day. :slight_smile:

Have you found many good places locally for great tempura?

Friday work breakfast from NY Deli on National in Palms. Not the most traditional, but it was tasty. Garlic bagel, spicy cream cheese, avocado with lemon pepper. Got some sliced turkey breast on the side and after I got to work, laid it on top after the pic.

At BKK101, ordered a variety of dishes, papaya salad, tom kah soup, spicy clams and thai sausage featured as a special. I liked the Thai sausage. Not as sour as some of the more traditional ones I’ve had but it was a good take. Something akin to a regular bbq style sausage and a thai sausage.

Had some chili fries and a cheeseburger at Everest in Glendale for breakfast before a movie.

Had some bbq at Ray’s bbq. link to the stand alone post with pics


The food wasn’t bad, i liked the meatball sandwich the best, the pizza was a lil doughy i would have liked more crispness, and the garganelli was ok.

The space is really nice with a bunch of outdoor seating. It would be a good place for happy hour before a bang bang.

Oh and it’s in the heart of silver lake so you have to deal with those damn hamsters.

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That is some seriously beautiful tempura. Where did you get it?

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Oops, I meant cool stuff :slight_smile:. I thought I detected a little luke warmness to you report… the cheese thing was funny though. The space looks nice. My niece’s bday is at the end of the month. She lives in Silver Lake and we wanted to take her and her partner someplace cool. We took them to Cliff’s Edge last year, but were hoping for something less pricey, but still fun.

…And what on earth is a “damn hamster”?

Have you tried night market song, pine & crane, or alimento?

Here’s kettle black’s menu to give you an idea of prices, since they must be too cool to post it on their website.

You really should write comedy. That cracked me up. I missed that whole exchange.

[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:49, topic:3912”]
Have you tried night market song, pine & crane, or alimento?
[/quote]Three places I’ve been wanting to try. Oh decisions. Thanks!

Hi @Bookwich,

Tempura Kondo
5-5-13 Ginza Chuo
Tokyo, Japan

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Hope you get to travel to Tokyo and fulfill your quest, @Chowseeker1999! The best tempura that I’ve eaten has been in Japan, but I don’t recall the names of the restaurants because I was always tagging along with my aunties.

As for LA, I haven’t had really top-notch versions yet. Hannosuke has been really terrible recently - stale, oil-clogged veggies, blech. I sometimes order it from Sawtelle Tempura House. It’s not going to win any culinary awards, but it’s lovingly prepared to order by a kindly, elderly Japanese couple, so expectations should be limited. It’s sort of like having your grandparents cooking a comforting meal for you. It’s $7 (cash only) for a panoply of vegetables and two pieces of shrimp. The best thing to do is to eat your meal at the small table outside of the restaurant. If you get it to go, the tempura will steam on your journey home. I do need to explore higher-end versions of tempura, and I’ll provide an update when I do.

Meal from Sawtelle Tempura House after my commute home - steamed, but still tasty.

Mihoko from Sawtelle Tempura House.


I always enjoy your stories, reports and great pictures @MaladyNelson. DOTM Tempura?

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The best vegetable tempura I have had in LA area is at marugame monzo.



Little tokyo

Their shrimp tempura has huevos

And this sucker was delicous


My jaw literally dropped at that second picture. Danggg. I am without speech.


Oh wow. Hello!

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