Ray's bbq in Huntington Park

Finally made it over there. Super friendly owner. We got a full rack of baby back ribs, pound of brisket, moist and 3 links. Only choice on the links were the jalapeno cheddar. These are direct from Southside market in Elgin, Tx. Loved the sausages. They were as good as the ones I had in Austin. Side of mac and cheese. I liked it but it’s not that super gooey style a lot of people prefer.

Overall, I liked it a lot. The brisket texture was great. Light on the smoky flavor but it was cooked very well.Tender, juicy and not greasy. The ribs were solid but I’m not a big baby back fan. Ray did say he was finally switching over to spare ribs this week. I’m looking forward to returning to try the spare ribs since I prefer that cut.

Spacious clean seating area. Lots of parking in the strip mall. It is in Huntington Park, but if you’re used to go to Bludso’s in Compton, this will be considered posh.

Look for the pig smoker up front


What are prices like? Comparable to Bludso’s Compton?

$20 pound for the brisket. Same price for a full rack of ribs. Links are $3.99 or 3 for $10. Medium mac and cheese $4.75?

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They do any combos?

I think they do but I don’t remember the details. They feature the pulled pork nachos and the brisket mac and cheese burrito pretty heavily. They also offer sandwiches with the brisket and pulled pork. I’d guess they offer combos with those.

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So with you on this. Much prefer spare ribs to baby backs.

Pics look amazing. Do the ribs come sauced like that or can you get them dry?

I’ve been a few times since I work in the area, super friendly and accommodating owner though, you are correct.

Huge portions, haven’t tried the sandwich yet which is next up. I think its good, maybe a tad overpriced given the area but it’s nice to have any kinda of variety out here.

I’m not so sure its a destination spot though, time will tell.

…here’s their brisket and mac burrito.

photo Yelp


I forgot to ask. It’s more of a very light glaze. I normally ask for the sauce on the side but didn’t think to do so since they had it by the condiment table.

That reminds me, another thing I like about this place. They put out pickles and raw onions next to the bbq sauce in the condiment table. He also provided some pickled jalapeno’s free of charge when I asked for some. I really enjoy having some raw onions and jalapenos with my bbq.

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The sausage almost makes it a destination place for me. The brisket is better than most. But I do live within walking distance of Maple Block and the higher quality and proximity makes up for the extra $5 pound difference.

That said, if I was anywhere within a 5 mile radius and felt a hankering for bbq, I’d make the drive right over to Ray’s for the bbq and the brisket. If the spare ribs turn out to be good, then it’d be very tempting to go there.

I’m a hole in a wall kind of guy and the low frills ambiance of Ray’s appeals more to me than Maple Block’s gastro pub vibe. I can get onions, jalapenos and a mexican coke. Those aren’t available at MB.


That reminds me, have you tried any of the sausage specials at Maple Block? They have a new sous chef who reportedly specializes in making sausage, including cheddar jalapeno.

I have. Here’s a link to a post with pic when I tried it.

It was a beef/pork combo, no cheese or jalapeno. I can’t remember how much I paid, $5 or $6 tops. I liked it but I loved the Southside jalapeno ones and considering Ray flies them in $4 for one and $10 for three is a heck of a deal.

I’ll have to swing by MB for another fix. Hopefully I catch a sausage special.

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Yeah, the sausage has been on the menu for a while, but I think the guy who specializes in making them is fairly new. I go pretty regularly, too, and only heard about him a few weeks ago.

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Have you tried that Ahogada place next door? Place was packed the two times we’ve been to Ray’s.

Yes, a few times. It’s not the best ahogada around but its pretty serviceable. careful not to go all crazy on the spice unless you’re well traveled in that. i was having a grey out, high pitch ears ringing experience the last time I was there.

Damn. This is so sad.



That’s rough. He was always so nice in our visits and such a great story on how he got into bbq and opened the restaurant. .


so sad. LA Taco article has link to gofundme.


Thanks for posting this. So sad to hear. Mental health is so important and I hope that the stigma for asking for help continues to become less. But for many, it’s still seen as a shame and a sign of weakness to admit to needing help with your mental health. Tough for the people left behind like his family.

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