August 2018 Weekend Rundown

Milky “bone broth” goodness at Hanbat Sullungtang, $12.50 tax included.

What do you hipsters pay for your bone broth? :smile:


I channeled my inner @Sgee and did a Ma’am Sir and Barkada bang-bang last night.


Wow @ipsedixit, bangin’ joints!

Did a bang bang last night at Hui Tou Xiang & Bonchon Chicken in San Gabriel.

Hui Tou Xiang was good and cheap. Will return.

The Korean specialist chicken, Bonchon Chicken, on the other hand, got some inconsistently fried chicken with some smaller pieces dry and the bigger pieces still a tad dry. Hard pass!

Had Hainan chicken rice at Cluck2Go. Click for pics.

Scallion Pancakes

Stewed Beef Soup Noodles


XLB w/ Crab

Classic XLB

Passed the classic “droop or no” test

Fried chicken with half soy garlic and half spicy soy garlic.


Last time I went to Hui Tou Xiang, the owner’s son had treated the staff to Bonchon.
The staff looked . . . dissatisfied.

The kimchi at HTX is so heavy in the ginger, but I LOVE that stuff.


God, me too. :heart_eyes:


X 3

HTX’s Kimchi is so damn good. I wish I bought a jar!


I liked their kimchi too. They weren’t funky like the Korean variety and they were on the sweeter side with great acidity to balance it.

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Connie and Ted PSA. Sergio will be in da haus tonight


Zaru soba at Otafuku.

I liked these noodles, so chewy, but the outside had a slightly pasty film, as though not rinsed properly. Next time I would like to try the kikouchi (100% buckwheat noodle).

Vegetable tempura was, as @Chowseeker1999 pointed out, rather oily. I also didn’t especially enjoy the thick-cut vegetables.

Overall. I prefer Ichimiann over Otafuku for more dense noodles, better tasting and less salty dipping sauce, and tempura. Ichimiann also has barley water, which I love in the summer.



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I asked for the recipe.
That got a chuckle.

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Got deep dish pizza from Dough Box for dinner tonight. The star of the show was the texture of the thick but crispy crust & stringy cheese and not so much the flavor combination of the ingredients which were somewhat pedestrian in contrast to Triple Beam.

The Hill | Mozzarella, House made Ricotta Cheese, Garlic, Spinach, Italian Sausage

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Haha definitely not giving that up since they got Koreans who specifically come to Hui Tou Xiang to buy kimchi. That says a lot. If I am being honest it is one of my favorite kimchi’s

You have a favorite deep dish place?

Glad to see Chef Cimarusti still putting his time in at Connie & Teds.

Getting some chowda, and lobsta roll?

Dough Box was my first deep dish experience and quite a positive one at that! So it wins by default. :joy:

On a side note, the chef was apparently a pastry chef at Proof Bakery before opening Dough Box.

No, picked up some marine creatures from his fish market for DIY dinner. Excellent quality seafood (albeit $$$), devoid of any fishiness. Whipped up squid ink pasta w fritto misto of John Dory and soft shell crab.

Yeah he is definitely a working chef :+1::+1::clap:


Tried to go to Barkada for brunch, unfortunately only available Sunday. Fortunately Luv2Eat is just 0.5 mile away.

This is one big ass bowl of noodle

DEEP FRIED Issan sausage!!! Woweeee this is THE perfect preparation.