Available in San Francisco, Not in Los Angeles

I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for the first time in more than six years. Back then, I’d mostly spend as much time in Toronado as possible and eat whatever was next to Toronado. On this visit, I am interested in finding food that we might not have in Los Angeles. Anything in particular worth getting up there that we don’t have here, or that we don’t have great representation of? E.g., I can get a soft pretzel in L.A. but I can get much better versions of them in Philadelphia.

Burmese, Georgian (if you are willing to drive Peninsula), Naschmarkt for excellent Austrian, not sure how much “upscale” Indian like ROOH is available in LA, Guam (Prubechu), perhaps something like San Ho Won and than there are upscale/Michelin star restaurants which all have their unique style/cuisine - perhaps Californios and Birdsong not easily matched in LA


Some nice barleywines on tap right now at Toronado. I say Nopa and Zuni bc they are within walking distance but my SF restaurant knowledge is very limited and outdated

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on mondays, you can get Outta Sight pizza at toronado

pastry in sf:
b patisserie kouign amann
arsicault ham+cheese croissant, kouign amann
tartine banana cream pie, morning bun

swann oyster - cut the line and get it to-go, or wait in line for the salty staff

Burmese Kitchen
San Ho Won

I haven’t been to La Ciccia since the new ownership.

Bunch of these places have closed:

Which Georgian are you recommending? Bevri in Palo Alto is a pale Russian imitation.

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san ho won

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Bevri and Tamari

You might think there’s something like San Ho Won in LA, but there’s not. Maybe not even in Korea.

Same for Nari, I think, at least as regards LA.

San Ho Won for sure

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if you can get the reservations, noodle in a haystack.

After a couple of barleywines I’ll probably eat anything

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Appreciate the recommendations! Just snagged a San Ho Won reservation and am excited about it.

San Ho Won came through big time. After uneven, ultimately disappointing dinners at Cotogna and Nopa on successive nights (the hockey puck-esque curry powder bomb latke at Nopa being a particular lowlight), I worried that SHW would fall short too. Not to worry. We did the set menu and it ripped from the start. Egg souffle, which I’m never really excited about, was perhaps the highlight, though the first chomp of the galbi may have been the best bite of the whole trip. It was a ton of food and brought out a little too quickly - I would have liked more time with the post-meat dongchimi before the winter melon soup and rice dish came out, for instance.

Other highlight of the trip was going to Toronado three nights in a row and having fun the first two before getting yelled at by one of the mean bartenders on the third. A cheap and dark craft beer-focused bar with a metal jukebox is something we’re missing. My SO and I tried about a dozen sours plus Pliny the Younger.