Bari - W. 3rd


Bari is Chef Chad Colby’s new Puglia inspired Italian spot in Beverly.

It’s currently still in soft open mode (the full menu is expected in late July) so me and my crew were able to fire the menu. I’d previously only been able to stop in for a cocktail and a couple dishes, but what’s clear after eating our way through what they’ve got so far is that this place should live up to the bar Chef Colby has set at Antico.


Ultra refreshing. We were seated near the front of the room near the open shutters, so this was the perfect drink to sip on (and then guzzle) with the setting sunlight coming through.

Lampascioni con Pomodorini

I swear this dish hit the table less than a minute after our waiter walked away with our order. It’s also the first indication of Bari’s strong marination game.

Alici Marinate, Taralli, and Mandorle

And this is where it starts to accelerate. The anchovies were as fresh and delicious as my previous visit. The only disappointment was that I only got one to split between the rest of my party.

Capocollo and Carciofi

The first of the cured meats was fantastic, and the carciofi (in the upper left) was probably the first time I said to myself “wow this is an artichoke dish I’d actually order again”.

Mortadella, Olive, and Focaccia con Pomodorini

The mortadella is another winner, and the freshly baked focaccia was critical for dipping in the olive oil soaked dishes. The olives were the only dish we didn’t clear out (though the roasted garlic that came with it vanished quickly) as most of my dining companions kept saying they wanted to be olive people but just were running into a wall with it :man_shrugging:

Burrata e Alici, Ricotta, Focaccia Barese

Both of the cheese dishes were fantastic. And even better when paired with the piping hot focaccia. The burrata was especially winning because it came with more anchovies :drooling_face:

Le Sgagliozze de Maria

The only real miss of the night was the crispy polenta. It was just a bit bland, but thankfully able to be rescued with the various cheeses.

Panzarotti di Pasquale

It’s a freshly made hot pocket with a fantastic crust. It might be what Bari becomes well known for (you definitely will need to order multiples), but I wish it was filled a bit more.

Paparacchielli al Tonno

You might need to squint to see it (it’s the little red tuna stuffed peppers) but these were great one biters. This was also where we were really testing the table’s capacity limits because everything pretty much was coming out of the kitchen at the same time.

Frutta del Mercato

The stone fruit salad was our de facto dessert as it was one of the last dishes to come out and simply sweet.

Among five of us, the entire menu was doable with a couple doubles of some items. That said, Chef Colby said pastas and grilled meats will fill out the rest of the menu, meaning I’ll need to bring even more friends next time.

It also deserves to be mentioned that the service was fantastic. While I would have appreciated some of the dishes being coursed out a bit more, our waiter was incredibly friendly and helpful and helped make our experience even more enjoyable. I know they’re still in soft open mode, but only about half the restaurant was full (on a Friday night) so I’m hopeful that they only continue to gain steam and it really starts filling up once they’re out of the soft open period.

Bari has a bright future.

Vital Stats:
8422 W 3rd St

RIYL: Antico, but open on the weekend.


Oooh can’t wait


Haven’t tried the Antico ice cream but both the fior de latte and chocolate gelato at Bari were fantastic.

According to the sever, full menu is on hold due to staffing issues (right now it’s just Chad and someone else in the kitchen). As much we enjoyed the meal it definitely felt incomplete without an entree. Even adding one or two cooked meat and/or seafood options in the interim would compel me to return.

Definitely looks like the first half of a menu. I assumed there were pastas and secondi on the other side.

I don’t think I’ve heard of lampasconi before, not even when I was in Puglia.

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Drinks were on the other side of the menu.

Pastas and grilled meats are coming once they get out of the soft open phase (even more incentive to come back). Chef Colby did a couple grilled meat takeout meals out of Antico last year, and if what Bari ultimately does is close to that, they’ll be in fantastic shape.


Warrior: I found this restaurant distinctive and refined. Based on the menu, I had optimistically expected the food to taste like the first courses at Osteria Mozza. But the food has its own style, which isn’t quite like anything I’ve tasted. Lighter than the Mozza style. Not as immediately delicious (at least to me), but deliberate and confident, with excellent attention to detail. I look forward to returning.

Peony: It’s a really beautiful place with really nice decoration and attentive service. I find the dishes here are all finely made. I like the texture of the food. The chicken, which was complimentary from the chef, is really juicy and tender. I like the burrata and anchovy combination—the flavor and and texture of these two ingredients really complement each other. Both pastas are really al dente and have the right sauce-to-pasta ratio. For my tastes, I find all the dishes are very light on salt. I would add an additional pitch of salt for every dish if I were the chef. But all the dishes here do taste healthy.


I stopped in last night and the bartender said they should be rolling out more of the full menu soon. Must be a good sign if Colby was able to open antico nuovo as well and step away from Bari for a bit.


isn’t polenta normally not a flavor bomb as it’s a side dish to various rich meat mains?

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First-rate polenta, like Anson Mills Red Dent, has a strong corn flavor, but that’s bland compared with much of the other stuff on that table.

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i always buy Anson Mills…

i’m looking for a place to go this saturday and his one has plenty of time slots…

I think they probably aren’t filling up because the menu is so limited to small plates. But I wouldn’t hesitate to go—I’m looking forward to going back even for that and the new pastas.

And yes, to @robert’s point, the menu is still missing the rich meat dishes that the polenta will compliment.


are there pastas on already? that would seal it…

oops… . thanks both. booking and showing up with my own salt flakes


Pastas reported above.

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Multiple pastas.


antico is open with a full menu of pasta, meat, and ice cream. sergio will most likely be there since it just opened.


Isn’t it the same Sergio at Antico and Bari?

The chef de cuisine at Bari is Sara Van de Walle.

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Thanks for the shout. The area and the Puglia stylings is drawing me to the new one in our old neighborhood.

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yes, I was just noting he will most likely be at antico this weekend.

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We had a good time there on Saturday. Smart stylings. Delicious small plates. Nothing to complain about really. Liked all the dishes. Would be amazing to learn how they get the panzerotti to be the way it is… i want that skill level. … great pasta … tuna peppers… anchovie… budino etc… great starters and primi so far… going to start making the white negroni they way they do. Trying to just share photos that weren’t covered above.

really want to try their fennel and hyacinth dishes… wifey would love this place.