Baroo Closing April 28-May 30 (at least)

Very odd. Last week the website said “Closed a few days for personal reasons.”

Now it says this. "Will be opening April 26th(Tue) and 27th(until 20:00,Wed) before traveling. However, we will be closing from April 28th(Thur) to the end of May for taking time & meditation & travel.”

Anyone know what’s up?

Based on everything I’ve read about the two owners, I’d take this sign at face value. I believe the original intent was for the restaurant to only remain open for a year, and that it was meant to serve a spiritual function for the chefs as much as it was a culinary one for its customers.

Reading the LA Times article on this place, the owners originally didn’t think this was a long term business.

"Baroo was originally conceived of as a one-year plan, a quiet exercise of sorts to explore Uh’s cooking commercially…

But Uh is thinking about the future, both his own and his restaurant’s.
“I’m grateful for the success, but I haven’t had much time to
experiment, though I’m embarrassed and shy to admit this. This was not
part of the plan.” With all the attention, he says, “I need to think.
And meditate.”

Wow. Okay. Beautiful. Good for their spirit, bad for my stomach. I never got a chance to eat there!

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Hi @TheCookie,

Me neither. But after reading so many mixed reviews on our board about that place, I just never felt like going, LOL.

I had a couple of great dishes there and am looking forward to going back if he’s open in June when I’m passing through LA.

@robert @Chowseeker1999 - Maybe I’ll try to get over there and add my two cents to the “mixed reviews”. Thanks!

If you want to go today or tomorrow, I’d say get there as early as possible.

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If you make it there in the next day or two, you can take some free samples of their fermented goodies.

Great. We’re planning to go either at opening tomorrow or before dinner rush. I know it will crowded. Wish me luck.

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Made it! Queued up just before 5pm dinner service. As expected, they were a little unorganized. But very pleasant… “Pleasant” is the adjective I’ll be using.

Received our complimentary fermented goodie. I chose Rose Raspberry Kombucha.

The lunch crowd ate up everything.
They were out of the right side of the menu and part of the left… No Oxtail Ragu. We had the Noorook and Kimchi Fried Rice (they were out of the slab bacon) :frowning: probably would have gone great with the sous vide egg. @robert you’re right - the Noorook was delicious. It had some kind of a smokey quality. The Shortbread and Cookies were light and tasty. All-in-all it was a pleasant meal.

Kimchee Fried Rice w/Purple Potato Chips. I’m going to eat as much purple food as I can for a month, in honor of The Purple One R.I.P.


Is that a DOTM nominee? #purpleisafruit


I’ve always been hesitant to try this place because everything looks too healthy.

I can see people getting that idea and that was partly my impression too, until I tried it. All the food I had (Noorook, Asian Fever w/ Egg, Bibim Salad) was flavorful and rich without feeling heavy.

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@PorkyBelly - Great idea. We’re probably too late though. Maybe we can do a little side thread “Purple foods in honor of The Purple One. R.I.P” ?? And foods with Raspberries “Raspberry Beret” :smile:


@PorkyBelly - Very healthy. You should have seen hubby’s face when they announced there would be no Oxtail Ragu or slab of bacon for his Kimchi Fried Rice. But @nakedsushi is also right. There is a lot textures and different flavors.

I’m not too concerned. They also took at least a week long break around Christmas for a retreat. Gotta respect people who know when they need to recharge their batteries. But I’d prefer if they aren’t like those Spanish chefs that take four months off. Food’s too good.

Bad for your taste buds. But sounds like Spanish chefs have a nice life.

bye felicia

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Still closed?