Berkeleyside - Story on Homeless and where they get their food in the Nosh section

Tacky, tacky, tacky.:thumbsdown:

Huh??? No idea what that refers to.

I think it’s the very idea that a decidedly first-world upper class foodie blog would try and do a piece on homeless people’s diets and methods of cooking. I only skimmed the article, but placing some guy heating up leftovers in scavenged pots in the same context as “The 5 best happy hours in the East Bay!” seems kinda… ick. And the reporting, such as it is, seems pretty surface level and shallow, liked they asked a couple of not-too-scary guys and just left it there.

Whether it was intended or not, I could see it coming off as very patrician and condescending.

In particular, it’s the fact that this comes under the heading of ‘Nosh: Dishing on the East Bay’ rather than part of the Berkleyside’s regular (non-lifestyle) reporting.

Things are affected by context. A picture of a kid in a swimsuit means one thing in a family album, and another in some deep web directory surrounded with a bunch porn.

Even if the article is merely ‘meh’, it’s made less serious by its surroundings. Poor optics.


This. It definitely belongs in Berkeleyside. The Nosh section? Really?


Good points. Thanks. I thought the article shouldn’t have been published. IMO it tells one nothing. And I agree that proper placement MIGHT have helped.

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