Best Chocolate in Los Angeles?

I checked the stores near my area and they are either closed down or they don’t carry them :frowning:

if you’re lucky, they sometimes sell bars with aesthetic defects for like $1 each, complete steal
Don’t sleep on their hot chocolate either!


Amazon etc has them online.

I’m currently at Vietnam and there is a Marou Chocolate shop nearby!

I could order many and bring them home hehe.


We get our chocolates from here. Best Dark Chocolate Gifts - Bar & Cocoa ( In fact, an order just arrived today.

Favorites are Pralus, Dandelion, Amedei, Domori, Akesson’s, and Ritual. They have lots of Marou bars, which I find just okay.

Something interesting to try: The Pralus carré de café. It’s made from coffee beans instead of chocolate (though it has cocoa butter).


I’m thinking of buying these chocolate bars as gifts. They’re about 55% the cost compared to US sites and they’re likely to be more fresh.

Would a pound of chocolate (6 x 80G) be too much for one person?

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Not for me (and my wife). That would be an extremely well received gift in this house.

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Maison Marou Shop at Da Nang, Vietnam (not LA)

There are lots of sample trays, so don’t need to pay up front to try things.

We got their chocolate chunk cookie and their “Signature Marou” 85% drinking chocolate. The cookie was decent, though I loved the drinking chocolate. The cookie tasted much better dipped in the drinking chocolate.

I might end up bringing home lots of drinking chocolate squares. It costs about $1.44 worth of chocolate (30g) and 200mL milk to make a cup.


Isn’t that the recommended daily chocolate intake

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Laderach is very good but pricey. Extremely fresh.

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My friend brought me back a bar of omNom from Iceland. Anybody heard of this brand?

Yes! I’ve had one of their bars. It’s excellent. I think I got it at Monsieur Marcel, they really have an amazing selection of local and harder to get chocolate bars from all over.


Ive had them at Whole Foods. Really nice. The smaller than usual size is perfect for sampling

They carry it at some stores where I live. Never tried it but have tried icelandic chocolate from noi sirius at World Market which tasted too different for me to get into.

I’m curious. How much do they cost at Whole Foods?

I was wondering if the effort of buying from Vietnam and transporting them was worth it.

Edit: I see that it costs $8.99 at a local WF. I got my bars at $4.48 each, or $4.04 after 10% off bulk discount.


Laderach in both OC and the bay area have lines out the door every time I walk by. People really go hard for the chocolate bark with nuts or dried fruit. Had it. I dont get it. I prefer our local chocolatiers but probably because so many of them resemble French chocolate makers and not Swiss.

The package survived 18+ hr flight!

About 35lbs of chocolate. Most of it is for making Liquid Chocolate drinks.

I’m figuring out on the optimal ways to make them (kitchen tools, methods, amount of sugar, milk temperature, etc).

What milk should I get? Anything better than Kirkland’s?


Wowww sounds delish