Best deep-dish pizza in Chicago

I’ll be there for a few days. Pretty sure I want to try Pequod’s. Ought to have time to try another.

You absolutely want to try Pequod’s. If you have time for one more, I’d go for Lou Malnati’s. Another interesting choice might be Gulliver’s (Burt Katz’s 1st restaurant, before he went on to Pequod’s). Skip Burt’s Place (his place after he quit Pequod’s, which was sold to others after he died. They have his recipes and all, but I think Pequod’s is a better version of that particular pie).

There are undoubtedly a zillion smaller local places that would probably be great choices, depending on where you are. If you’re in the city itself, here’s a list (2 years old and decidedly FAR from complete) from reddit:

One not on the list is D’Agostino’s, run by a family whose kids I went to high school with. Their sauce tends to be a bit sweet, which I think is nice.

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Gulliver’s is closed.

I’d go for, Millys,

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Just got back from Chicago and had the occasion to revisit D’Agostino’s

Small half cheese half sausage. Rich, tender, very buttery crust. Same slightly sweet sauce. Excellent cheese volume. Worth your while if you want to see other options other than the big names.


Tried Pequod’s. Might have been a mistake to get meatballs instead of sausage but the balance seemed off to me, too much cheese and not enough sauce. Good but not my favorite style. Reportedly Milly’s does a similar style.

My favorite Chicago deep-dish to date was the original Uno’s in the 80s, but it’s just another branch of the chain now.

How thin yet crisp the crust is at Lou M is crazy. And it doesn’t change a half hour later

Also I need me one of these wallpaper scrapers


I believe their crust is pastry, like pie crust, rather than bread.

Felt like it. Makes sense as it’s a butter crust