Best Omakase for lunch?

Hi there! I’m from San Francisco and visiting LA this weekend.

I was hoping to receive recommendations for best Omakase deal during lunch time.

Also curious on everyone’s favorite Omakase place here in general as I’m not familiar with sushi in LA (have only visited Zo).

And as an extra - favorite Uni pasta place? Should I try COD’s?

Mexican food recommendations would be wonderful as well!


Hi @Torouniwagyu,

Welcome to L.A.! :slight_smile:

If it’s for Lunch Omakase, Weekend Only, it’s a bit limited. Sushi Tsujita on Sawtelle can do it.

The other better options only do Lunch Omakase Tuesday - Friday (e.g., Shunji, Shin, Kiriko).

For Omakase Dinner and overall, my favorites would be:

  • Mori Sushi - Request to sit in front of Maru-san (Chef-Owner). My favorite in L.A.

  • Shunji Sushi - Request to sit in front of Shunji-san (Chef-Owner). Note: Shunji is in Japan on break, so he won’t be back until like June 18 or so.

  • Shin Sushi - Request to sit in front of Take-san (Chef-Owner).

There’s also Sushi Tsujita and Kiriko (both on Sawtelle) for dinner that are solid.

I don’t have much in the way of sushi recs, but may be able to help with Mexican food! What part of town are you staying in/how’s your transportation situation?

If you like seafood, I’m just gonna go ahead and suggest board-favorite Holbox to start with regardless…

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Since you’re in LA, you must do a lunch taco truck run.

  • Marisco Jalisco (Seafood - taco de camaron, poseiden with aquachile on the side, mixta)
  • La Unica (birria de res and birria de chivo quesataco or vampiro)
  • Carnitas El Momo (carnitas, mixed mulita of buche, carnitas, chicharron)

Hit up all 3 places in one go since they’re close to each other. Order all of the above and split it with one other person or your stomach will explode.


sushi i-naba

second holbox

i would avoid COD.


As @Srsly said, your location in LA (and willingness to drive/uber) will go a long way to getting more personalized Mexican recs.

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I’ll be in the Beverly Hills area! (Don’t know how to @ you )

I would add Matsumoto to your list of options. It’s in West Hollywood which is adjacent to Beverly Hills.

Thank you for all this!

I really appreciate all these details! Called Mori and hoping I can get a seat in front of Maru-san

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Ohhh, I was looking at Matsumoto as they also seem reasonable

Let me know if you need help with other places like Koreatown, Thai Town, SGV, South Bay, Little Saigon/OC, Mexican Food, or just things to do/see.
I should be a tour guide on the side

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Wouldn’t be a problem. That place is perpetually empty for some reason despite their cult status and Michelin star. I couldn’t even convince my friend to go there…he said Yelp reviews weren’t glowing like places such as Sasabune…

Btw, if you are gonna do that taco run, I might be interested in joining :drooling_face:

Maru-san refuses to play yelp’s game, so yelp puts his one-star reviews at the top of his yelp page. Don’t believe the yelpsters. Mori is solid. Beyond solid.

Sitting in front of Maru-san is the closest thing I can think of in LA of being guaranteed a fantastic omakase here in LA.


Mori should be packed…every.single.night.

Oh that’s good to know! Still waiting for a call back. One of the people there called and asked if I knew Maru-San as I requested him and I said “no, just a friend recommended me.” Then he said he’ll call me back later today :joy:


unless things have changed, kiriko does not typically offer their lunch “omakase” (by which i mean their lunch combo, served piece by piece at the bar) to solo diners.

Strange… I just enjoyed a great lunch omakase at Kiriko about month ago as a solo diner.

“unless things have changed”. “typically”.

i have sent solo diners there for the $50 “omakase” over the years who have been told they don’t serve it to solo diners.

but it’s still not always possible. on our last visit there was no one sitting in front of him but he was exclusively preparing the sushi for a large japanese group sitting at a table.