Best Pizza by the Slice?

Awesome. I had no idea there were places you could get deep dish pizza by the slice.

Rance’s offers by-the-slice deep dish pizza as well.

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The one slice I had at the USC Rances was barely edible. the sauce had evaporated, the meats were salty and dry, the cheese was flaccid. I did see several whole pies come out for other tables which looked great but alas that was not the case for my slice

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Yeah, that place is total shit. At least the one at USC Village, dunno about the other locations.

jumping in here to say Prime slices are pretty bad, i live down the street and never want it…only in a last minute circumstance…it just isn’t that good!

A spot i’ve been really into lately is Luchini’s in Hollywood.
Very very good and high quality slices.


Lodge just posted a photo of deep dish on their Instagram. Please let it be available by the slice!


Yes it is - the Roman pizza/whatever the name is. They don’t make much - first come.

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That’s pretty sad.

If you want a pepperoni slice with mucho pepperoni, go to Gracie’s. There’s so many pepperoni discs that you can’t even see the cheese or sauce.

Good crust too. Tasty pepperoni as well.

In fact, very good pizza overall.


prime is soooooooo weak with the amount of toppings they put (just look at that pepperoni above), it’s pathetic.

Thank you for the recommendation!!

POT Pizza Joint

Pizza looked good but tasted average. Pepperoni was good but the sauce and cheese were insipid and the crust was more flaccid than patients at a Cialis clinical trial.


interesting…my experience with Prime has been close to perfect nearly every time…tonite I went to the new Little Tokyo branch on Central between 1st & 2nd…several reheated sausage slices from a recently baked pie…personally, I don’t need a lot of topping on my pizza…this house made sausage couldnt have been better!


haven’t been to Grimaldi’s in a while but am now craving it!

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With pepperoni bathtubs!

Went to Pizzanista last night before the Kings/Rangers game. It was pretty crowded around 4:30 with the line basically out the door.

Good slices and lots of different varieties. We tried the pepperoni, veggie, meat Jesus and plain cheese. We also ordered garlic knots.

Good crust. Would have liked a little more sauce on the slices. They use a decent amount of oregano in the sauce which I liked but others may not. The garlic knots were slathered in a garlic oil with a plethora or garlic chunks. The marinara sauce they gave us on the side was legit cold. Not good. When we went back to our car one of the guys coming out from the bar was taking a piss about 8-10 feet from my front bumper. So there’s that.


I have to ask…

I’m a pizza blotter, i.e. I take a napkin or paper towel and press it on my pizza to soak up some of the extra oil (and water, if the pizza looks a little soggy). I find I have to do this more with pepperoni than with sausage, since the pepperoni seems to weep oil. When you have the little pepperoni “cups” on your pizza, do you eat the oil that’s accumulated inside? Is that part of the charm of the cups?

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I was actually more making a lame Cialis crack.

Now that you mention it, however, eating the grease within is part of the joy of pepperoni cups, as is the textural difference between the crisp edges and meatier center. I also think some curling is the sign of higher quality pepperoni (i.e., made with a natural casing, etc.).


Just want to cross-reference my post re Lodge Bread’s pan pizza by the slice.

the grease is whatever for me, the charm is the crisp pepperoni edges. Strangely enough, Costco pizza is shit but they seem to be able to do this occasionally.

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