Beverly Hills and Reasonable

Anyone have any suggestions for Beverly Hills and reasonable for dinner? It doesn’t have to be great, but a friend suggested La Scala and that place is so awful that I just can’t do it.

Honor Bar

Viviane (in the Avalon Hotel), New Port Seafood, Fogo de Chao

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Not sure what your definition of reasonable is, but I really like AOC. Lots of small bites to share and the cocktails are fantastic.

The Stinking Rose :smirk:

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You can do Wally’s pretty reasonable.

Il Fico on Robertson. Maybe technically LA, but close to BH.

Haven’t been but I hear it’s good with a very reasonably priced wine list.


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Porta Via. Il Pastaio .Via Alloro. Bar Bouchon. Wally’s. LA Farm.

reasonable is equivocal. personally, i’d love to hear people have a set dollar amount pp including tax & tip if budget is a constraint.

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I wouldn’t consider Honor Bar (or any Hillstone restaurant) reasonable. I can’t get out of there, or even R+D Kitchen, for less than $65/person (if you drink - it is usually triple the food bill).

Wally’s is where I’d head, but it’s also at least $60/person. To me, reasonable is $40/person, including a drink. It all depends on the drinks.

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So true sam.
It’s downright unreasonable for folks to come around here asking for a reasonable restaurant without offering us a reasonable idea of what reasonable means to them.

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To me, it all depends on Line 37 on your Form 1040.


ambiguity generally leads to me making the wrong assumption. in some matters one can not be too precise.

AOC is great, but technically WeHo =P

How about Momed? I don’t like the structure of the restaurant, but I do enjoy the food. The duck shawarma is very good. (Caveat: I haven’t been there in about 2-3 years.)

Thanks for all the recommendations. I guess I should have been more specific – I do agree with the one poster who said that about $40 a person is reasonable.

I would agree with the poster who said she didn’t think any Hillstone restaurant was reasonable and I also find Hillstone food very unimaginative.

I had considered Vivianne, but it looks kind of pricey by the online menu.

I love Middle Eastern food – one of my favorite cuisines – but I detest Momed. I think it is just plain awful.

When looking for reasonable, I always seem to end up back at Il Fico.

Thanks for the follow-up info!