Blaming private chefs for their millionaire employers' crimes: threat or menace?

hope ya’ll realize APL was Epstein’s chef for years and traveled with him to cook on his island, New Mexico ranch…


There’s no reason to think the kitchen help had a clue as to what was going in.

To each his own, I suppose. We all make our life’s choices. I made mine long ago about APL.

Here’s something I found, in a 3 second search, to share in return.

Adam Perry Lang was Epstein’s personal traveling chef for 4 years between 1999-2003. He traveled to Epstein’s Estates to cook for Epstein, associates, and survivors. He saw many underage girls naked and met with many men that abused girls. He is listed in the flight logs 13 times and I believe that’s a very small number of times he actually spent at Epstein’s Estates.

Girls were required to be on a strict diet to ensure they kept their bodies looking undeveloped, I think skinny is an understatement. Epstein wanted girls as small as possible, petite. The thing about puberty and growing into adulthood is that the body needs nutrients and carbs in order to fully develop adult bone mass. The effect that happens without this proper care is known as stunted growth, it is permanent and can prematurely stop a girl from reaching the full height she’s suppose to be or cause thinner bones. So not only did Adam know what was going on and was an enabler, in a way he was causing irreversible damage to girls physically.


kinda weak to split this off from the main APL thread imho. you can argue just how much APL knew about his employer’s well-documented crimes during the 4 years he was employed as his private chef in the context of the businesses APL runs.


He does that.


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Is your source here this unsourced reddit post?


Here’s some actual journalism on the topic.

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Tough to believe he didn’t know what was going on. Worked at a firm where the CEO was a friend of Epstein’s. He denied it till the day he left. Fast forward a few years and a bunch of emails that have come out reveal he knew a lot more. Never want to assign guilt before full proof, but the cynic in me says if you’re this guy’s personal chef, you knew what was going on.

That said, I don’t blame him for the crimes. But if he did see things, then he was complicit in not reporting it.


Having known a couple of millionaires’ personal chefs, having that job doesn’t mean you know what’s going on in the rest of the house. Is he fucking his personal trainer? You don’t know.

And when you’re working for a politically well connected criminal millionaire, you might not want to call the cops on a hunch.

I know we’re going way off topic, so will stop! We all have to make calls in life as we see fit. Your viewpoint is totally rational!

To be fair, to paraphrase some of the accusations (not sure if that’s the right term) from the Eater LA article (which I thought was very well done), if you were an employee and making ice tea and one-off pizzas and handing them personally to a naked personal trainer who was present all the time at house, it’d wouldn’t be a leap in logical to assume something was going on btw employer and personal trainer… but it might quite a curious amount of mental gymnastics to somehow write the situation off as normal.


And has benefited from that relationship?

Not sure I follow? Do you mean if APL benefited from his relationship with Epstein?


Still not following. Sorry if I’m being dense.

She might have been naked when sunbathing but not when eating pizza.

Sorry. Just that when you’re around people, in a second hand way, it’s not unusual to strike up conversations that can then, later on, transfer into its own ‘relationship.’

I don’t think that generalizations about employees knowing what employers are up to serves anyone well. Employees can feel that they’re working for an asshole but not know explicitly how bad a person the boss is. I’m personally acquainted with folks who worked for Batali and others who worked for Weinstein & I’m sure that their specific knowledge doesn’t taint them. That being said, the specifics here are a bit much for me.
When one gets on a plane to get to work, surrounded by clearly underage girls, sees questionable interactions on the island & possibly even works for someone wearing an ankle bracelet (I don’t know the employment time frame), you have to think that pleading ignorance is a bit weak. Legally, it may well work for plausible deniability, but I’ll just go on record here as saying that my interest in supporting APL is right up there with buying Michael Jackson posters or thinking that 2 of our ex-Presidents just needed an island vacation. Yeah, I’m judgmental.