Boycott Martin's Potato Rolls?

There are calls to boycott popular Martin’s Potato Rolls because the owning Martin family members have been donating large sums of money to far right Republican candidates. We like Martin’s. What to do? New York Burger Shops Are Moving on From Martin’s Potato Rolls Following Far-Right Controversy - Eater NY

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Switch to King’s Hawaiian.


Hawaiian sweet rolls are often TOO sweet for burgers or sliders.

I know King’s also makes ‘butter’ rolls, that are, in fact, less sweet than the Hawaiian style, but they seem much less widely available than the sweet ones.

I try, as much as possible, to live and let live so far as things go, but when business owners start hosting Q rallies, actively banning mask wearing in their establishments, decorating their stores w/ ‘thin blue line’ and MAGA banners, and generally showing their whole asses out in the middle of the town square, it’s pretty clear they WANT people to make their consumer choices with those politics in mind.

It would be rude to not oblige them.


This right here.


“~Maya Angelou. Remember this because it will happen many times in your life. When people show you who they are the first time believe them.”


I think the trouble is that people show you who they are, and other people go, yeah, that’s cool by me.


600 rolls for $34? It’s amazing that a quality product could be so cheap.

Whereas I put my money where my mouth is.

I love them but will stop buying them

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As an alternative we’ve been using brioche slider buns (by a local baker) and like them a lot. Before that we used English muffins for years.


I get nice buns from local bakeries, but they cost over a dollar apiece, which would be a big challenge for restaurants that are paying Martin’s six cents.

More discussion here:

I have a pack of Martin’s in my freezer. I’m using them, then I’ll figure out what I’m going to use in the future.


Does anybody else make a similar product? I did a search online and the similar results show Kings Hawaiian, yeast rolls and Parker house rolls but none that can be purchased. Kings Hawaiian are ok but too sweet.

This thread motivated me to finish working on a recipe for potato rolls. I like how these came out.

AP Flour 585
Milk 200 at 110f
Potatoes 134 [Sliced and boiled]
Potato water 47
Butter 58
Eggs 50
Sugar 48
Salt 14
Yeast 4

Boil sliced Yukon gold potatoes 20 min until over cooked
Hand mix to combine, 3 min. Rest 20 min
Kneed, 30 sec -shape into boule then rest 60 min
Stretch n fold, boule shape then rest 60 min
Scale to 12 90g then shape or retard over night
Iff retarding rest 30 to 1 hour before shaping
About 1.5 to 2 hour rise
Bake at 350 convection or 375 conventional oven
16 min bake time, rotating at 8 min

Nb: To make buns more like store bought sub half the butter for oil and use low fat milk


Look at you! :clap:t4:


Is there any evidence that Martin’s has done any of that kind of stuff? I haven’t found any. Seems like they run their business pretty well if the fact that we’re all eating potato rolls is any indication. They’re a rapidly expanding business with a national footprint in an otherwise sleepy dot on the map in south central PA in what is probably a strongly republican area. Do you think these donations are made in the interest of putting more boots on the ground for the next Jan. 6th or getting help clearing regulatory hurdles? None of you know anyone who’s donated generously to their councilperson for reasons beyond ideology?

It’s not just routine corporate donations, and extreme ideology is indisputably a big factor.

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I’ll leave @robert 's links as sufficient explanation for this instance specifically, but yes, I know lots of folks who have donated to local councilperson’s whatever to make sure that they got parking zoned the way they needed for their business.

But I’ve also seen people pull their endorsements (and contributions) from those same politicians when they start making noise like fascists.

When I become “Czarina of the Universe,” one of the first things I’ll do is major overhaul of campaign. Like $100/pp period. The first thing I’ll do is remove all overhead bins from airplanes :slight_smile: