Carbone backup recs

Planning a Bach party trying to get into carbone but it’s looking not likely.

Any fun restos with good food and good atmosphere to recommend. No tasting menus.

Let me know!

Depends on budget but these are fun restaurants with good enough food and lively atmospheres
Catch at Aria
Hakkasan at MGM Grand turns into a packed nightclub but not sure that’s your vibe
Delilah at Wynn with some live music. Maybe more appropriate for an older non club vibe

I’m sure any of the steakhouses can also be fun. I think STK is more lively. Some of the other steakhouses are a little older dark rooms cigar martini type vibes.

Superfrico sounds fun and a lil crazy.

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STK has the atmosphere you’ll want and my dry aged ribeye and the miso king crab app was excellent.

Carbone would also be optimal, bummer they are booked out.

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I am considering buying appointment trader even tho it’s lame as hell, but it’s for a special occasion

Hi!! I’ve been to Vegas several times and had my bachelorette there a year ago. Loved Delilah! Fun atmosphere- amazing chicken tenders by the way lol. They have live music so it was fun. I have a contact there, it’s hard to get in. If you need I can send it to you. I believe there’s a minimum spend- not sure what your budget is. I also really liked nomad bar! We wanted to do nomad library- super cool venue. Also, beauty and Essex was fun and cool vibes.

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Carbone is overrated, IMHO. I agree with PB on Vetri. How far in advance are you booking, though? And do you want something just in that style?

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I’m booking a month in advance.

Does vetri have a good vibe? It looks a little buttoned up/stiff.

Vetri is not the kind of place you can make sloppy steaks at the table, but it’s maybe not as stuffy as you’re thinking? Vegas is pretty loose. I’ve seen wild behavior at Robuchon…

Rereading what you said, though, the place that might fit the bill for a bachelor party is Momofuku. It is more expensive and lower quality than its LA or NYC counterpoints, but that’s Vegas.

Other shit:

  • A lot of obvious “boys night” options like Bazaar Meat, Cut, etc.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by Best Friend; it was more than just a re-hash of Roy Choi’s best hits.
  • Lotus of Siam is the best restaurant in Vegas. I’ll fight people over that.

Have fun; put $50 on red for me.


I’d hit é by José Andres at the Cosmo if not Bazaar Meat.

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Ok I can pay 60 dollars for a 6 person rez at carbone which I think is reasonable.

Carbone or bazaar meat? @moonboy403 any thoughts?

I’ve never actually been to Carbone. I’m not terribly interested in their most recommended dishes of caesar salad and spicy rigantoni vodka…especially at that price.

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Random thought: I think LOS had gone downhill over the years. I’ve been there at least 3 times these past few months and it had gotten worse and worse. In fact, most proteins (chicken, short rib, and duck) were hammered badly on my visit last week. Our khao soi and panang came out lukewarm too…


That sounds terrible always had lotus of Siam on my radar

I have to unfortunately agree. LoS is still very good but we have noticed some slippage on dishes we have been eating for many years. We still make a LoS reservation every time we go to Vegas but it’s not been as memorable the last few visits.

Raku on the other hand is always on point.


This is all really sad to hear, but thanks for fighting me on it. I haven’t been to Vegas in a hot minute. I have Lotus one night and Lamaii another. I’m hoping you guys are wrong.


carbone for me dawg


My friend says he likes Lamii over LoS based on recent visits. Please report back.