Cheesecake factory looks that way on purpose

Weird, for sure. Wonderful is up for debate.

I think the design was more influenced by bars in SF in the 1970s. And golden-era movie theaters.

The last time I really liked the Cheesecake Factory is when it had a very different design. It was a small storefront in an industrial park-like setting in Woodland Hills, where you went in to buy … yes … cheesecakes. I don’t recall if they also had any cafe type seating. I was 16.

Nothing to do with the design so excuse me. But I remember seeing people (tourists?) lined up for TCF in Macys at Union Square in SF. It just blew my mind. With all the dining options, they were waiting in line. Sigh :frowning:

Not everyone is a foodie. Some people eat to live, not live to eat.

Plus, Cheesecake Factory is a big deal for many tourists because it’s something they don’t get back home. I have cousins from SE Asia and my bro-in-law/sis-in-law from Sydney who always want to go to Cheesecake Factory for one meal. It’s a novelty for people who don’t have it. When I travel, I like to check out popular restaurants as well as restaurants that are known for their food. Sometimes that includes chain and fast food places, which I don’t normally frequent at home, but when travelling, it’s nice to see what the “known” and “famous” restaurants serve so you can see why they are so popular.


I stand corrected. We were in SE Asia a couple of years ago and one of the men in our group refused ANY local food. 'Murican all the way.

The grandkids begged to eat at Cheescake Factory when they were here because they don’t have one at home and that’s where the characters in The Big Bang Theory ate. We don’t go there otherwise but it was fine.

If I ever go to India, I will definitely go to McDonalds. It sounds way better then the American version.

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Being in a rush one day, we ate at KFC in Rio once. The food was served on ‘real’ plates with metal flatware. Rice and beans are the standard there so that’s what we were served. And they bussed our tables afterwards. We also ate at McDs in Israel as we were on an escorted tour and finished a tram ride at a small’ish ‘food court.’ The cheapest McDs was in the nabe of $15 for a ‘meal.’

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And if it’s the one on Colorado, it’s the very one that, in theory, they actually would have gone to, seeing as how they’re all postgrads at CalTech

I’m moderately ashamed I know that.


When my girlfriend got home from a 3 week trip to India, she said the first thing she and her two friends did upon getting off the plane was immediately go to the first airport restaurant they saw and get hamburgers.

we Yankees do like our red meat.

Is that the place where Penny works?

Worked. Past tense. Last I watched the show she’d quit waitressing and was a pharmaceutical sales rep, and she made more money than Leonard. Oh, the hi-jinx that ensued!!

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It’s good. I like the paneer burger. I always end up at McDonalds in Singapore and Malaysia too. Different menus tailored to local tastes, including chilli sauce for your fries. We tried a Samarai Burger at a Hong Kong McDs last year which was actually pretty good - like a teriyaki pork sandwich.

If you go to India, you have to order pizza at Dominos too. I don’t even like pizza all that much, but it’s another one of those things catering to local taste - spicier, with paneer, tandoori chicken etc. Dominos in Malaysia offers sambal, rendang chicken, seafood, etc. Sounds odd but it’s good stuff.

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It’s not limited to the big countries.

Now I have an idea for the raddest travel/food blog ever.