Chef's Table: Pizza

The Bonci episode is great. What a story. I never knew he’d been a TV personality. My favorite moment was when he was talking about having hit bottom and starting to get his life back together, while standing in front of a neon sign saying “Autorimessa,” which in that context meant garage (“auto” car + “remessa” replair) but can be read as a double entendre (“auto” self + “remessare” put back).

Bianco has quite a story too, if not as dramatic. Who knew that Arizona exported flour to Italy?

Let’s get one thing straight: neither Bianco nor Bonci was the first to put anything and everything on pizza.

  • 1981: The trend starts when Alice Waters opens the Cafe at Chez Panisse.
  • 1981: It is quickly picked up by Ed LaDou, who was cooking at Prego in SF.
  • 1982: Wolfgang Puck hires LaDou as the pizza chef at his Cafe at Chez Panisse knockoff Spago.
  • 1985: Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield hire LaDou to create the menu for California Pizza Kitchen.
  • 1992: CPK has 26 locations.
  • 1993: Pizzeria Bianco opens.
  • 2003: Pizzarium opens.

I’ve been kind of disappointed in these episodes, since there seems to me to be way more focus on personal tv-friendly sob stories and less about the food.

And I was also thinking ‘first? No way…’ several times during those episodes which made the lack of other food centric content stand out even more…

I switched over to Hulu’s much less hoity toity pizza competition ‘best in dough’ which won’t get any Emmys but knows what it is and is fun brain dead content.

Watched again . Carbonera suppli . Looks absolutely amazing.