CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?

Amen to that.

“despite never having ordered the 'hawk”


sacre bleu!

The bistecca I get, but why not order the much bandied about hawk?

just, too much meat… and not enough ordering power on my part.


Four of us had a great meal last night: focaccia di Recco, big razor clams, grilled octopus, grilled lamb, tomahawk chop, grilled mushrooms, grilled broccoli di Cicco, butterscotch pudding, peanut butter pie.

The razor clams made me feel like I was in San Sebastian and the octopus like I was in Ensenada. Surprising for a place that’s so meat-oriented.

The chop was a truly great piece of pork. Lamb was nicely done though a bit mild for my personal taste, especially in contrast with the pork, I go for the gamy / mutton flavor.

The rich, salty, barely-sweet pudding and pie (offered by the house as apology for our table not being ready on time) were a hit even with two of us who don’t usually like desserts.

More food than we needed. Without the lamb it would have been just about right but one of my friends really wanted it.


Great to hear. Cant wait to go back.

What did you think of the focaccia di Recco?

It’s delicious but annoyingly filling. Leave any parts without cheese.

I had it with truffles the last time I was there. It was mind blowingly good.

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I do the exact opposite.

I leave any with cheese.

Is it possible to get out of here at or under $150/head?

Yes, no problem hitting that target IMO

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Should be easy if you stick to the low end of the wine list. The more-than-enough-food meal I had in March was under $60 a head before drinks, tax, and tip.

Thanks for the feedback folks.

Definitely - just had dinner this for 4 with quite a few glasses of wine/prosecco and beer, 2 apps, 3 entrees, two veg, two desserts for $450 pre-t/t

Including drinks? I am not sure I’ve ever spent more than $100/head on just food and I have eaten there probably 20 times…

The exception to this could be if you go solo and order huge items anyway though.

I spent a lot when I went solo, but that was kind of a crazy idea and I could only eat half of what I ordered.

Chi Spacca hosting a $200 4-course pizza dinner with Franco Pepe

Who’s going??

I’m pretty ignorant, so any idea what is in this dinner that makes it $200 for pizza? Wine included I guess. The menu didn’t load on my iphone.

On my last visit to Chi Spacca we got lots of meat, so this dinner seems more appropriate for Pizzeria Mozza.