Chinese Translation Apps for Food

I buy many things from Chinese grocery stores (and Korean, Japanese, Thai, Middle-Eastern, etc.) that, a few months later, I don’t remember why, or for what they are meant to be used.

I’m thinking of getting this app, but the ad puts me off a bit. Any other recommendations for a Chinese food translation app that works by visual recognition?

How do you all solve this problem?

Have you tried Google Translate’s photo option? I’ve had decent luck with it.

Thanks for the tip, @robert. It actually works pretty well.

Now I’m trying to figure out if I can get it to transliterate the Chinese characters to Roman alphabet. A straight translation from English (or Korean) can result in some odd and very literal translations.

I took a picture of a packet and was given “tasty salt vegetables.” (Which they absolutely were).

The transliteration appears below the Chinese characters.

Okay, did not notice that. Thanks!

Two skin doesn’t sound appetizing, at all.

Great China calls it “double skin.” They’re mung bean “noodles.”