Coming for five days

Hi all. I’m rolling into town this afternoon for the week. I’ll be staying at the Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf. Anything good nearby? Any must do’s?
I like places with good bars for solo dining. Love good beer and wine lists. Always enjoy gastropubs. Love a good steak, fish, pasta. Open to any cuisine really. Budget not much of a concern. Thanks!

Good bar seating for solo dining and good wine lists:

  • Perbacco
  • Cotogna
  • Trou Normand
  • Aquitaine
  • Bar Agricole
  • Mr. Jiu’s
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I take back Verjus. I don’t think either of their bars has seating.

Robert’s list is good. I haven’t sat at the bar but Saison’s bar is an option.

Saison’s bar requires a reservation and ordering a prix-fixe meal (fewer courses than the usual one). Looked very comfortable when they turned me away the other night.

I went to Angler instead, which I didn’t find very well suited for solo dining. Most dishes are portioned for sharing, the by-the-glass wine list was very short, and the bottle markup was very steep. Huh, I forgot to post about that.

Hit Perbacco last night. Great risotto!
Also had an excellent piece of halibut. Thanks for the rec. Not sure where I’m going tonight yet.

Had some of the best fish and chip from The Codmother right by the wharf.