Costco finds

Let’s hope!! The article said that they sent out notices to customers who potentially bought the affected bags. How would they do that by email? Did you get any kind of notification?

The contaminated bags were sold a year ago.

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That’s a good call. Why the hell are they just recalling it now? Amazing that it took this long to discover this as a possibility?

Edit: The first illness was detected in November 2022. use by dates are in September and October 2023.

Has anyone tried this?




Why? Although no idea why this is on FTC.

Because every restaurant review includes a picture of the toilet?

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It’s a meme here on FTC.


BOYToto for @PorkyBelly


3 items we picked up in the last few trips that we would rebuy and recommend.


Found this in South OC, CA stores. A mix of cheese and caramel that you do have to shake and stir to integrate (it tells you to on the bag). REALLY GOOD STUFF tho I do tend to eat the cheese ones first and save the caramel for the ‘finish’.


These are my FAVORITE. Just the best. I get a much smaller bag at Target… it will be hard once Costco opens here to avoid this giant bag…

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That keto granola is indeed very good. Definitely scratches the edge. I hate that they came out with potentially not so good study on erythritol. Because that would be a really crappy game changer.


Which store carry this. Not the ones I have been to.

This was at the Marina del Rey Costco. I have no idea if it’s a regular item there, since I don’t go to Costco very often.

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I’ve seen it at the Burbank store.

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We just bought our second box of these tacos. Really tasty. Three each is plenty for our lunch. We cook at 425 for 20 minutes.


Hi all – just found this thread. Anyone else on the East Coast in here? I don’t recognize a lot of this stuff!

Every Costco location is going to be different and tailored to the surrounding area!

Apparently to a large extent!