Costco finds

Found Garofalo mozzarella at the Foster City branch the other day.

New roast beef sandwich at the food court @ $10.

I’ll stick to the $1.50 hot dog.

Also did they get rid of the combo pizza? Only cheese and pep.

Absolutely no reason to get the roast beef sandwich. Tried it out of curiosity the other day and it tasted like nothing between too much bread.


It’s not in our Seattle store.

Thanks for taking one for the team.

yes at least in OC the last few times we’ve been to Yorba Linda and Fullerton

We like these healthyish snacks. More healthy than potato chips or some alternative


During the lockdown - there’s more than one petition about bringing it back. I miss the combo but even by my low standards the pizza is getting pretty atrocious at the handful of Costcos we visit so it might be time to give it up altogether


I think this is $10 now at Costco, but so good I polished off a bag in a week.


Spindrift is on sale at my local costco!


I got more than 5lbs of mussels today at Costco for $20! They’re not big, mid size, but so fresh!! They were still blowing bubbles when I was cleaning them! Cooked them in spicy garlicky white wine butter sauce. Such quick and delicious meal with pasta and homemade bread! Nowadays, on average, a plate at a restaurant + tax + tip is about $20 already. This is such a steal! I’m going back for clams tomorrow lol


Do you remember if they were Penn Cove mussels? I know some Costcos sell them. We live in Seattle and have lunch on Whidbey Island and have the mussels that come out of the water RIGHT THERE. So good.


Yes they are Penn Cove! :heart:

We eat 2# of them with garlic bread and a bottle of SV. One time we were waiting for the ferry to take us back to SEA and fell asleep :slight_smile: BTW I take the broth home (and others if they’re willing), get a little cod, some grape tomatoes and make a snice little soup. MMM.

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Sounds so good :drooling_face:

Quite :slight_smile:

I found poké (shoyu and spicy mayo tuna) at the La Habra Costco on Friday.

That and some rice and our own toppings made for an easy Friday dinner.


Interesting. Fresh in one of the seafood fridges?

In the refrigerated case with the chicken salad and chicken pot pies.

They carried it in locations like Irvine and Cypress a while before the pandemic.


These are tasty. On the sweet side, which is probably good bc I only have 1-2 at a time.