Costco finds

TJs has them filled with ice cream. Different flavors. Our grands like them :slight_smile:

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Did anyone see this? Has this been posted?

My question is about Costco getting the wine at Auction. Would Costco do that? If so, why? Also, people waiting 15 years for wine? Is that common?

Some Costco stores stock very expensive wines. Who buys them from where is an interesting question. The people waiting for years are on the waitlist for the winery’s annual allocation. Here’s a slightly better article:

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If you think that waiting 12 years (the time it takes from putting your name on a wait list to when you might actually get an allocation) for Screaming Eagle is a bit much…… you should check the price of the wine. Last time I heard it was something like $750 a bottle AT THE WINERY!!! Bottles are available on the secondary market, starting at around $1000. The one at Costco appears to be $4K!!! Truly rarified territory.

FWIW a couple of people I know have had it and do say it’s likely the best cabernet they’ve ever tasted.

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Per wine-searcher, retail prices for Screaming Eagle in California start at $2775. Auction prices might be less but not by much.

Yes. I see that now. For some reason Google took me to a page where Wine-Searcher prices started at $1000. Seemed low but the whole idea is so crazy that I just went with it. Do you know what the winery price is now?

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Nice Époisses. Surprisingly good for pasteurized. Saltier than it needs to be.

Here in Guadalajara there are only two Costcos for a metropolitan area population of over five million, so there are long, long lines to check out. This has helped spark the phenomenon of “costquitos”: somebody buys stuff at Costco and sells it at a markup in a little store.


costco-in-mexico tangent: one of the costcos in mexico city is in the fancy part of town, across the street from work by picasso, da vinci, etc., and another one has a soccer field on its roof


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